Cruise for as little as $38 a night…if you dare

All the bad press lately has led to some amazing cruising deals, some as low as $38 a night. Granted, you’ll need to be willing to take your chances on a Carnival ship…but remember “actually getting there is 86.7% of the fun”…  Caribbean cruises seem to be priced the cheapest but you can even cruise Alaska for as low as $58 a night. All deals available at Carnival’s website.

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  1. I’ve did a good amount of cruises when I lived in FL, but you couldn’t pay me to go on a carnival boat again. While, I’ve always had a decent time with them (nothing has gone wrong) I have never been wowed even when I’ve been on their brand new boats. Their crowd isnt my type, boats are subpar and tacky, and entertaibment isn’t that great. Royal carribean has always delivered for me and wowed me a few times, it’s not worth saving the cash to not fully enjoy my vacation.

  2. Carnival? Thanks, but I’ll pass. First incident, okay it’s a fluke. Second incident, what’s up with Carnival’s management? Third incident, obviously safety is not taken seriously by this company. Now $38/day? It’s a given the boats have serious issues, the staff has serious issues, the management has serious issues, now throw in the type of person who would overlook safety for a cheap deal. Are insurance companies even insuring this cruise line anymore? Having gotten off a Crystal transatlantic cruise yesterday I can’t imagine setting foot on ship where “isolated incidents” happen all the time.

  3. Carnival is fine. Not my favorite ships as I prefer MSC but great value and a decent experience. I do try to avoid the 3 day booze cruises however.
    I do think that carnival could do a better job on the shore excursions. They seem to only be interested in making money and trying to get a shopping kickback from diamonds international. They should give more tourist advise and lower the excursion pricing IMHO.

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