Witnessing A Vanilla Reload Delivery & Coupons w/ VR Cards!

Wow, sometimes it’s pathetic how obsessed I get over this hobby, but then I think about the amazing experiences I’ve had all courtesy of my points and miles. That’s when I say, who cares about what others think! Yesterday, I had one of those obsessed moments when I happened to be at a CVS when a gift card delivery arrived. I watched as the red crate was opened and the workers unpacked the gift card packs one at a time. As they got near the bottom, three separate packs of beautiful Vanilla Reloads were uncovered…

Each pack had 10 cards enclosed…

…the three packs sat unopened while I documented the unpacking…hah

Some interesting facts to note at this suburban NY location. The gift card limit per day using a credit card was randomly $930, as such I purchased two cards (yes, only two!) at $465 each. More interestingly though, the Vanilla Reload purchase qualified me for a CVS coupon of $5 off a purchase of $30 or more that had already been sent to my ExtraCare card. Although coupons cannot be used on gift cards themselves, the gift card purchase qualified me for my $5 discount. My greeting card for $2.79 ended up being free, though if I had known ahead of time I would have spent at least $5 in addition to the VR cards. This is great news as I seem to get coupons like this almost every single weekend and now my VR purchases will qualify me for free CVS purchases!

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  1. As mentioned over on Gary’s blog. I bought 4,000 worth in four transactions of 1000 each at a store in LA using my credit card. Not sure if the $1000 ‘per transaction’ max was being enforced. I didn’t try it any other way. Just instructed the clerk to complete it in four transactions. There were TONS of VR cards there.

  2. I went to CVS for my VRs. Get there and nothing, not a single one. Going on my way out, cashier asks if I needed help. I ask he is she has more VRs. Magically she gets them from underneath the counter. Woohoo

  3. I enjoy your blog (especially the article on the China Southern A380 routes very helpful!) but reading about a CVS employee opening a box to load the shelves with new VRs…. YAWNNNNNN haha Yes, you are definitely obsessed!

  4. this is like an electronics unboxing video.

    I’ll do you better. I’ve had the employees let me dig through their huge tote to look for them!

  5. Finally the Vanilla Reloads made it to Sacramento, however, very quickly they’ve disallowedd the use of credit cards to purchase them. hmph

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