Will American’s New Boarding Process Work? It Failed at Virgin America…

Ted Reed of Forbes discusses American’s new boarding process and why it’s already failed at Virgin America:

In fact, Virgin America has already tried and abandoned American’s new process. “It is more efficient and you do get a lot of people on the aircraft more quickly,” said Virgin America CEO David Cush, in an interview. “But it’s difficult to police. You get into a debate about how big is something that fits under your seat.” Additionally, Cush said, early boarding passengers would sometimes glance up at all the empty bin space overhead and then place their carry-on in the bin. Virgin America dropped the process in 2011, after about half a year. “It may work for American,” Cush said. “I applaud them for trying different things. It didn’t seem to be an overwhelming hit for us.”

Check out the full article here.

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  1. I know you travel bloggers are desperate for content but this story — which has been featured by virtually every travel blogger — is a good idea on the margin AND not that big of a deal.

  2. That’s exactly what happens on Frontier also- people with backpacks walk on first and then throw them in the overhead bin anyway. The end result is worse because now you have tons of bags that in a normal boarding process would be under seats, but now are taking up precious space for those that really need it.

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