Asiana Offers SFO Crash Passengers $10,000, Denies Responsibility

Asiana announced early this morning that it plans to provide each of the survivors of the San Francisco accident with compensation of $10,000 a piece. Lee Hyo Min, an Asiana spokeswoman, said that this “is separate to medical compensation” and those not injured are still eligible for payment. She explained that passengers can still sue the airline even if they accept the offer and that this payment is intended to help those who “need money to go to hospital or for transportation”.

Separately, the San Jose Mercury News, reports that:

In response to the first lawsuit stemming from the crash of Asiana Flight 214, the South Korean airline denied responsibility and said passengers contributed to their own injuries — while at the same time quietly offering each one $10,000.  “I’m astounded that Asiana would blame the passengers for its gross negligence in not being able to safely land this aircraft,” Walnut Creek attorney Michael Verna said. “The very first filing in the very first lawsuit in this case in a public courtroom is to blame the passengers for causing the accident. I’m not only astounded; I’m incensed.”

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