American Facing New Lawsuits in Israel – Flight Plans from JFK & Miami to TLV?

New legal action against American Airlines is being planned according to a statement released today by a group of former TWA employees. At issue once again is the severance dispute with the previous TWA Israeli employees. As per Frequent Business Traveler:

The tension between the former workers and the airline began when American acquired TWA’s assets in 2001 and discontinued service to  Israel.  According to newspaper reports at the time, the move left over 75 people without jobs and pension benefits.  The situation spurred a nine-year legal battle between the former TWA employees and American, which was settled four years ago in court. The merger, along with the fact that an American Airlines-branded carrier will operate flights to Israel, has brought the issue to the surface, and the former TWA employees have gone public, claiming that they have not received the settlement that was due. Meir Knobel, a former TWA station manager in Israel, said that a failure on the part of American to address the outstanding issues with former employees could result in a “negative public campaign” against American.

In much older (and less confirmed) news, exMiami, a website “chronicling Miami’s Transformation” reported last March (well before the merger was approved) that a well-placed source at US Airways confirms that American will add flights to Tel Aviv from both Miami and New York’s JFK airport.

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  1. Maybe somebody should inform Mr. Meir Knobel that the American public cares much more about AA serving TLV than his rant and complaints.
    The bigger public benefit is competition on the US-Israel route, not his settlement.
    Its an old story and nobody cares. Kind of the like bag of rice in China that fell over… nobody cares

  2. Israel has a well respected judiciary with a legal system based on Common law, similar to most English speaking Countries.
    If there is an issue it will have to be resolved. If the issue is just a figment of some disgruntled minds, well then the legal system is legit and nothing will happen.

      • I assume this is some political comment on the Israel-Palestinian conflict.
        You might want to read about Salim Jourbran the Palestinian Man that sits on the Supreme Court of Israel. Do your own research and stop gobbling up the news.

  3. A little Knowledge would help some posters.
    The legal system in Israel is based on Common law, the British system. Israel does have responsible laws and a Judiciary.
    The Courts in Israel are considered very fair and often rule against Israel and for Arab issues.
    The issue here is so unrelated that Please, let us not get dragged into an off topic issue.

    • It makes no difference what the American public wants or doesnt want. If the former TW employees are able legally to have a AA plane held till payment is made or sell it to settle the settlement agreed upon. No way will any AA plane be landing in TLV, chancing that they will lose it

      Im sure mo66 will enlighten all of us just how the court systems by Israels neighbors are so Just and not corrupt in any way. mo guys are so …..

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