Just When You Thought it Was Safe to Pull Back the Sheets…

Have you checked out “Hotel Nightmares”?  It’s a collection of the scariest things you’ll find in a hotel room updated daily.

Business travelers, recreational travelers, novice travelers, professional travelers…they’ve all experienced at least once, the thrill of checking into a hotel room and seeing a slightly bleached but still clearly defined vomit puddle near the bathroom door. Or a speck of blood on the shower tile. Maybe the random collection of short curly hair behind the door. Possibly a Rorschach test pattern of white droplets and splatter on the sofa. Finally there’s a place to share these images without the social media stigma you might get from your children, parents or spiritual advisor who would look askance and ask “What the hell is wrong with you?” followed by “What kind of dumps do you stay in? Are you really that cheap?” At hotelnightmares.com we know that filth doesn’t operate by a star system and that nice hotels are just as likely to have a dookie stain on the bed spread as that joint your boss put you in near the New Orleans airport last week. So share, stare…we don’t care. It’s all about the ish at hotelnightmares.com

Check out the full collection of nastiness here. Additionally, Flight Attendant X has her own sub-page with her collection from various layovers / hotel stays. Check out her additional gallery here. Unfortunately, the gallery is not limited to Red Roof Inns and Motel 6, several upscale major chains make the cut.

PS – What’s the nastiest thing you’ve ever “discovered” in your hotel room.

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  1. When you walk down the street do you gravitate toward ugly people and stare at them so the images can remain seared in your brain for lifetime?

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