Confessions of a Fed-Up Flight Attendant #4 –11 Strangest Things People Ask for on a Plane

What are the 11 strangest things people ask for on a plane? Betty continues spilling her secrets. Thanks to Mark from Yahoo! for sharing a new weekly series called “Confessions of A Fed-Up Flight Attendant” written by “Betty”.  Below is a snippet of the fourth entry from the series, you can check out the full post here and a new one each Monday.

1. Sleeping pills: I’m sorry. I may look like one, but I am not actually a doctor.

2. Diapers: You have a baby but forget to bring diapers?

3. Deodorant: On certain international flights I truly wish we had deodorant to give to passengers.

4. Tweezers: I just had to ask this passenger, “What do you need tweezers for?” I assumed they had a splinter or something, but the response I got really surprised me. “I fell into a plant before getting on the airplane and need to get the thorns out of my butt.” I actually had my own personal tweezers in my bag that I might have offered for a splinter but definitely not for thorn-in-the-butt removal!

5. Toenail clippers: They asked as if we just have one pair that we all share back in the galley.

6. Hemorrhoid cream: I didn’t even want to know.

7. Pen: This would have been fine. We have pens. It wasn’t fine when the passenger said: ”Do you have a pen? I need to clean my ears.”

8. Screwdriver: I obviously don’t have a screwdriver but again, I just had to ask. He replied, “To take the seat apart.” Um … that”s not going to happen! Also, we want you off the plane.

9. Clearasil: They were very specific about the brand.

10. Inhalers: See #1.

11. A cup and lid, a straw, and a knife: For what, you may ask? “I need to make a catheter.”

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  1. give me a break…these supposedly requests are the figment of the imagination of an unstable disgruntled ill mannered flight attendants…

  2. (10) Actually having a spare asthma inhaler on board would be rather like having a defibrillator and certainly less expensive. I imagine a fair number of passengers, in the confusion of TSA rules, accidentally put theirs in checked luggage or forget them.

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