Video – “Filthy” and “Disgusting” British Airways First-Class Experience

How dare they…hah! In a video posted by British journalist / Bloomberg anchor Owen Thomas, he shares his “disgusting and filthy” first class experience on a British Airways flight from London to Saint Lucia (UVF) on January 17th. He’s upset that instead of an anticipated luxurious experience, he was met with stained surfaces, dirt, and dust.


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  1. I am NOT surprised. I’ve often asked bloggers who write about air travel to include comments about the cleanliness of the airplanes that they ride, but few actually do. I must conclude that 1) they do not care about environmental hygiene or 2) they do not want to risk seriously offending a carrier that over time may provide a lot of undisclosed perks. Truth is, most long haul jets are seriously filthy and the necessary ‘deep cleanings’ are extremely rare. The usual practice is the fast ‘wipe and fly,’ especially when the turn time is only 2-3 hours. Even the ultra spendy front cabins of most jets get no more than a quick wipe between flights and are truly filthy. I also wonder about the galleys and those carts hauling our food. It may look attractive and occasionally taste good, but how CLEAN is it? (When the opportunity arises, ask your favorite FA why s/he brings their own food rather than eating ‘Crew Meals’ on long haul flights. Odds are good that the FA won’t complain about the food itself, but likely the sanitation. And please, don’t get me started on the subject of on-board coffee – all made from that ‘potable water’ tank in the belly of the beast. You do not want that stuff passing your lips. I know of only ONE airline that makes hot beverages from bottled water. -C.

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