JetBlue Cabin Cleaners – “Not Paid Enough for Bodily Fluid Clean-Up”

“Sometimes I find vomit on the floor, sometimes blood, sometimes used wet and dry wipes, and gum under the seats.” That’s what one cabin cleaner told Gothamist as she protested with others over the non-union subcontracted cleaning service they work for on behalf of JetBlue.

When we find blood we are supposed to clean it with a rag and spray. When we tell the supervisors they say, ‘Just clean it.'” Another wrote, “The company gives me 5 rags to clean 14 or more planes and each plane has 3-4 bathrooms. I have to use the same rag to clean the floor, wall, toilet, and sink. Sometimes we come across syringes in seatback pockets”

The workers also complain that since they are not provided an adequate supply of gloves, they must use the JetBlue gloves on-board that are intended for flight attendants. Those gloves are not meant for heavy duty cleaning and the chemicals tend to soak right through.


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  1. Boy doesn’t this make you want to fly jet blue (NOT!).

    Sort of remoned me of the stories I’ve heard of hotel maids just wiping the room glasses with a dirty rag.

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