Get Free Six Flags Theme Park Admissions for 2015!

For family travelers, finding things for the kids to do every summer can be such a headache.  Six Flags theme parks are a pretty fun way to spend a vacation day, though prices can be exorbitant.  For a family of 4, a day at the park can cost well over $200, if you factor in food, drinks, parking and admission tickets.

Six Flags


Thankfully, Six Flags has run a Labor Day promotion for at least the past 2 years.  This year is no different!  It involves planning ahead for next year, but you get the added bonus of being able to get into parks this year too.  From their website:

Biggest sale ever on 2016 Season Passes — lowest price and best offer of the year! When you purchase a 2016 Season Pass, you’ll get FREE visits for the rest of the 2015 season.

In addition to the perk of being able to buy a 2016 pass, and start visiting the parks immediately, they are offering benefits including:

  • VIP early entry before other guests
  • Season Parking for each Gold Pass Holder on your account, including Season Parking at every Six Flags theme park
  • Extra Bring-A-Friend Free ticket on select days
  • Unlimited admission not only to the specific Six Flags you select, but to ALL Six Flags theme parks
  • Special days when you can bring a friend free
  • Significant discounts on park tickets for friends
  • Hundreds of dollars worth of in-park savings
  • Exclusive ride time events

There are Six Flags locations across North America for you and your family.

Where will you and the family be headed next summer!

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  1. So, any reason to buy the pass for the park that’s closest to you (and in my case costing $71.99 USD) as opposed to buying a pass at the cheapest place (i.e. Mexico City which equates to about $28.55), considering all season pass offers, regardless of for which park purchased, list ‘Unlimited admission to ALL Six Flags theme parks’ as one of the benefits.

    • thehawk75 –

      Good question. You will have to activate your pass in person at the park you bought the passes for. So unless you plan on traveling to the cheaper location, it would not be worthwhile to save the few bucks.

  2. As mentioned Six Flags requires you to process your season passes in person, meaning take a picture and make your actual season pass card, at the park for which you buy the pass. That being said, when my kids were young and we lived near one of the most expensive parks, we made a point of trying to travel to cheaper parks to get the season pass.
    This meant trying out a number of parks that were new to us over the years. Some parks would offer us the chance to get season passes without in person processing (using the picture from last year) for one or two years after our initial in person processing. We saved a lot on Six Flags passes over the years this way.

    One of their workers told us once that the first weekend that Great America, in Baltimore opens, almost everyone who shows up to process new season passes are folks from the NYC/NJ/Phila area 3 hours away, because of how much cheaper the season pass for Great America is than that for Great Adventure in NJ.

    The downside of buying and processing in another state than your home park is that you can’t really get the season parking. Some will allow you to add on at your home park later, but not usually as cheaply as when you initially buy and process the park season pass.

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