What Are Donna Karan’s Travel Must Haves?

As readers of the BoardingArea community, it is likely that you have your go to list of travel must-haves.  How do you think you compare to fashion mogul Donna Karan?


In her recent InStyle interview, Donna Karan revealed more than just the fact that travel has changed how she designs fashion.

I’ve always been inspired by the environment, by the colors, by the people, by what they wear. That’s why I like to travel to cultures that really have not been tainted. To me it’s always been about my senses, and what I sense.

Beyond this impact, she shared her list of go to carry on items:

  1. A scarf
  2. A sketchpad
  3. iPad
  4. Magazines

I’m all for the iPad, and can understand why someone like Donna Karan wants to carry along a sketchpad.  But doesn’t she realize that she can download magazines to her iPad using apps like Zinio?  And the scarf… she says “you can wrap it around you and cuddle up with it, you can tie it.”  That response did nothing to convince me that I need to bring one along next time I fly.

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  1. A scarf or another type of medium sheet of fabric (e.g. large handkerchief, thin beach towel) has multiple uses:

    1. towel
    2. pillow
    3. blanket
    4. eye blind
    5. scarf!!
    6. small bag
    7. picnic table
    8. seat
    9. rope
    10. inessential trading good.

    These are just the first things that came to mind. You can continue to fly without one – I will continue taking one along

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