United Evaluating Nonstop US – Singapore Flights

As per Aviation WeekUnited is considering an ultra-long-haul flight from the US to Singapore.  No details yet as to which cities are in the running, but I’d bet San Francisco is on the shortlist. As per Will Horton, an analyst at CAPA, United is evaluating a potential A350-900ULR sub-fleet to cover the flights. Supposedly, UA also looked into the 787-9, but decided that it would require too large of a seat block on the westbound sector. The A350-900ULR is the same aircraft type that Singapore intends to restart non-stop NYC and LAX flights with in 2018. See – Breaking: Singapore to Restore Non-Stop Flights to NYC & LAX! Regain Longest Flight Title.

Would you be willing to fly UA on an ULH flight in Economy, p.s., or BusinessFirst?


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  1. I’m not sure 17-19 hrs in coach on ANY carrier will be anything but a nightmare.

    I’d consider UA SFO-SIN in BusinessFirst, especially since they are planning to introduce a new BF seat in 2017-2018 which would likely be used on this route. But I’d rather fly SQ F Suites, understandably! UA and SQ are the only carriers with a vested interest in a route from the USA-SIN. So UA might be able to pillage some business on this route despite SQ being superior. SQ is more likely to aim for SIN-LAX and SIN-EWR/JFK, so that allows UA to consider SFO-SIN.

    If UA is considering SFO-SIN, then it seems possible that UA might also consider IAD-JNB or EWR-JNB to compete with SAA–the only other major gap between *A carriers and their major hubs. (TG at BKK is another, but LAX/SFO-BKK is more about leisure than business travel from the USA.)

  2. Just imagining such a long haul leaves me exhausted. The plane would have a red cross livery. The crew rest area would be converted to a medical bay to handle thrombosis cases. First class passengers would upon arrival be met by an ambulance instead of a limo. Instead of being taken to the arrivals lounge they would be carted off to the ‘ER’ – executive resuscitation.

    • Well, when SQ had the SIN-EWR/LAX flights the A340s had a compartment for corpses in case someone died in that Ultralonghaul flight.

      • Seriously!? I had never heard that. Took the SQ LAX>SIN a couple of times and loved it. Got more sleep than if I’d been at home.

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