Fox News Thinks “Star Alliance” Is an Actual Airline

Sad story on Saturday night when a United flight from Chicago to San Francisco had to make an emergency landing in Billings, Montana after a female passenger suffered a medical emergency. Despite best efforts, she was pronounced dead at the scene. Passengers deplaned as the aircraft was refueled and then departed two hours later. In their reporting, Fox News seems to think the operating carrier was Star Alliance (as the United B737 was in the Star Alliance livery):

Fox’s headline – Star Alliance plane makes emergency landing after passenger dies during flight

The flight crew on the Star Alliance plane notified officials at Billings Logan International Airport at around 9:30 p.m. local time that the Boeing 737 would be making an emergency landing in Montana.

To be fair, their source (the Billings Gazette) reported that “at about 9:30 p.m., air control at Billings Logan International Airport received notice the Star Alliance Boeing 737 would be making the unplanned stop” and I guess it is true that the aircraft was a “Star Alliance” plane 😉

Star Alliance UA

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  1. In Fox News’ defense, they don’t actually refer to “Star Alliance” as an airline. They merely wrote “Star Alliance plane” which isn’t wrong 😛

  2. And then you post a picture of a Star Alliance 767. No, you don’t specifically call it a Star Alliance 737, but a 737 is referenced many times in the article. And without any clarifying text under the photo, one could easily presume you’re showing a picture of said Star Alliance 737.

    Those who live in glass houses…

  3. Hey ur a miles blog no need to spew ur liberal condescendence here. Stick with the travel miles talk.
    Me and you know if this was CNN you would not have posted it in such a disparaging way.

  4. The distant relationship between Fox News, CNN, and the truth can be at times worrying. Repute is not a matter of partisanship, it is based on truth and moral decency. As morally bankrupt as CNN may be when it sensationalizes the news, it has not, as is the case with Fox, regularly attempted to perpetrate a fraud of massive proportion against the American people. Be these things as they may, the editorial departments at both organizations consistently use the pronouns ‘me’ and ‘I’ correctly.

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