Disney Fires Then Rehires Intern Who Tweeted “Unethical” Gator Sign She Saw in Break Room, Employees Asked to Deny Knowledge of Alligators

A Disney College Program participant (intern) became very uncomfortable after seeing a gator sign in a Walt Disney World break room less than 2 months after the death of a 2-year-old who was dragged into a lake. The sign asked employees to deny knowledge of gators in order to not scare guests.

“If a Guest asks if we have gators in the water around Tom Sawyer’s Island (or any other bodies of water), the correct and appropriate response is, “Not that we know of, but if we see one, we will call Pest Management to have it removed.” Please do not say we have seen them before. We do not want our Guests to be afraid while walking around Frontierland. As a reminder, this is a serious matter. Please do not make jokes with our Guests about this.”

Disney Gators

The intern felt morally obligated to share the sign and so she tweeted it out. She told the Orlando Sentinel:

“I was very offended by it and I was pretty vocal about it. I think you need to be telling people to be cautious, letting them know this could happen.”

She was fired for the tweet on Thursday which resulted in the Orlando Sentinel reaching out to Disney for a comment later that night. Well, the next morning the VP of the Magic Kingdom was at her door offering the internship back. She accepted the position and was notified that the sign had been removed. Disney claims the sign was never authorized and that managers sometimes make their own signs with instructions for employees to follow, though they are not company sanctioned.

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  1. I have friends that worked for Disney. They all say that they are/were treated like crap there, that the whole façade is fake

  2. She should have been fired. If she has a problem with the sign she should have addressed it with management – not tweet it to the world. The good news is that since she went public with her firing her name will be forever in Google search. Potential employers will be able to avoid hiring her in the future.

  3. You mean not everything in Disney is 100% real? I’m shocked, just shocked. Next you’ll be saying that Cinderella doesn’t really live there.
    I’m with Disney on this one. No need to needlessly scare the guests.

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