Which Hotels Let You Buy Their Beds?

You’ve heard the famous pitch for mattresses, “You spend one third of your life on one, so why not invest in it?” It’s true, the sale of mattresses alone is a$7 billion industry, and many hotels are hoping to get a share. Of course, hotels don’t actually make their own beds; rather, many partner with mattress firms to create branded mattresses.

While hotel beds are generally on the more expensive side, many argue that they have their merits. It’s the one place that you can really try out your mattress without taking it home first. You can lie on one in a store, but it’s definitely not the same as sleeping on it for a night; you can get one with a trial or return guarantee, but shipping it back and forth can be troublesome.  A comfortable bed is also the bread and butter of hotels, so they are likely to invest a lot in making a good one that suits most people.

So what hotels let you bring home their signature beds? This is of course not meant to be an exhaustive list, but I wanted to highlight some of the more well known or interesting ones.

Westin Heavenly Bed

Westin might be the pioneer in hotels that focus on well-being; they are like the EVEN hotels of the 1990s/2000s. According to Starwood, Westin hotels are “designed to enhance your well-being through revitalizing amenities and innovative programs that help you be at your best while on the road.”

Westin Heavenly Bed

Westin Heavenly Bed

They launched the Westin Heavenly bed in 1999, and it’s been one of the more famous hotel-branded bed. Delta Air Lines even offer Westin Heavenly-branded bedding in their Delta ONE cabin on long-haul flights.

Westin hotel bed feature a pillow top, plush construction

Westin hotel beds feature a pillow top, plush construction

The Westin bed is manufactured by Simmons, and feature a “pillow top, plush construction.” They range from $995 for a Twin bed without boxsprings, to $2,395 for a California King with standard boxsprings. You can purchase them online here. They also sell sheets and other bedding products, which you can buy on their website or at Nordstrom.

The Four Seasons Bed

In 2014, Four Seasons launched a new signature bed. The new one features a heat-absorption gel center that keeps guests cool, as well as a swappable topper. As part of the launch, they made a website showcasing the cool (no pun intended) features of the new bed.

Four Seasons Signature Bed

Four Seasons Signature Bed

There are three toppers available: Signature, Signature Plush, and Signature Firm. They all have zippers, which allow housekeeping to change toppers easily.

The new Four Seasons Signature Bed features interchangeable toppers

The Four Seasons Signature Bed features interchangeable toppers

Four Seasons doesn’t really advertise their bed all that much, and you can’t buy them online. Part of this might be because the bed is not even available in all Four Seasons yet. They do have a set pricing scheme, which range from $1,649 for a Twin mattress only, to $2,999 for King mattress with a boxspring. The bed is made by Simmons, but you have to contact a Four Seasons hotel in order to purchase them.

Duxiana’s DUX Bed

This isn’t technically a bed branded with a hotel, but many high-end hotels uses this Swedish company’s DUX bed. We are talking about hotels like the Jumeirah’s Burj Al Arab in Dubai and the Langham Place in New York. Duxiana actually opened its own hotel in Malmö, Sweden, where guests can experience the mattress.

Langham Place New York, one of the hotels where you can experience the DUX bed

Langham Place New York, one of the hotels where you can experience the DUX bed

There are more “features” about the DUX bed that I can (and probably should) cover here. But the DUX bed is made with “high-tensile steel…and slow growth Swedish pine.” The company claims that the bed is “engineered to deliver correct sleepposture, as well as align your spine to help alleviate back pain.” Their Pascal system also allows you to assign different coil tension in different parts of the bed, and some models even have removable levers that you can use to adjust lumbar support.

Duxiana claims that their beds are a culmination of 85 years of research

Duxiana claims that their beds are a culmination of 85 years of research

These beds don’t come cheap. Prices range from $3,700 to $12,000, and there are many Duxiana stores around the world where you can shop for these mattresses.


Marriott’s mattresses are made from high-density soy-based foam, and the company claims higher durability that most other mattresses. Prices range from to $1,395 for a Twin mattress only to $2,250 for a California King with boxsprings. You can purchase Marriott mattresses from ShopMarriott.

The Marriott Bed

The Marriott Bed

It’s worth noting that JW Marriott actually uses a different bed that is coil-based. Prices are pretty comparable with Marriott beds, and you can purchase them from Curated by JW.

The JW Marriott Bed

The JW Marriott Bed

The W Bed

I would argue that the W brand actually gave Starwood the hip, modern reputation it has over many other hotel chains. I remember hearing a lot of about the W bed, mostly from a rush of review I came across at that time, and many people swear by it. The W Bed comes in plush top and pillow top, and is made by Simmons under the Beautyrest label.

The W Plush Top Bed

The W Plush Top Bed

You can buy the W bed online at the W Hotels store. The bed ranges from $1,399 for a Full size mattress only to $2,120 for a California King mattress with boxsprings.

Hilton Bed

A few years ago, Hilton used to market their beds as the “Serenity Bed” or the “Serta Suite Dreams Hilton,” though nowadays it seems to just be called “The Hilton Bed.” Boasting a design with “extra coil support and a unique internal that prevents edge breakdown,” the mattress is “custom designed for Hilton hotels.”

The Hilton Bed is made by Serta

The Hilton Bed is made by Serta

Hilton sells them through their Hilton to Home Store. Prices range from $1,495 for a Full mattress only to $1,995 for a California King mattress with boxsprings.

Honorable Mention: Hyatt Grand Bed

As a Hyatt loyalist, I have spent a fair number of nights on a Hyatt Grand Bed. The first rendition was made by Sealy, and Hyatt came up with a refreshed version, called the “Hyatt Grand Bed II.” Ranging from $730 for a twin mattress to $1,599 for a California King mattress with boxsprings, it is actually one of the cheaper hotel branded mattress out there.


Unfortunately, Hyatt actually stopped selling the Grand Bed as of July 21. In fact, the entire “Hyatt at Home” store shut down last month, so you can’t actually buy their beds anymore.


Many other hotels offer their beds for sale, and brands within a chain often use different mattresses. For example, Courtyard Marriott has its own bedding products, and Sheraton (under Starwood) uses a different product from W hotels and Westin hotels.

Do you own a hotel bed? What was your experience?

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  1. I bought a Sleep Number bed because of my experience with them at Radisson years ago. One of the best purchases I’ve ever made.

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