Emirates Does the Mannequin Challenge with the A380

The mannequin challenge, a viral video that started some time in October, is becoming an internet sensation. The videos usually consist of a group of people frozen in action, like mannequins, with the camera panning around everybody. Many airlines are participating in the Mannequin Challenge, and Emirates is the latest one to do so. But instead of involving their cabin crew members or passengers, they enlisted their Engineering Team, and…the Airbus A380.

It’s a pretty fun video, and it got me to appreciate how truly massive the A380 is.

Many other airlines have participated in the Mannequin Challenge. Southwest Airlines made one where they involved an entire plane of passenger, which is pretty incredible.

Last week, Singapore Airlines did one with their cabin crews, at the Madame Tussauds Museum. They absolutely nailed it, with a surprising twist at the end, too (that’s well worth it).

Emirates’ Middle East competitor, Etihad Airways, also did their own Mannequin Challenge with their “crew”. It featured the different cabins onboard their flagship aircraft, even with “flight attendants” in The Residence. Though I think they cheated a bit and took the challenge too literally, with actual mannequins…

Are there Mannequin Challenges from airlines that you particularly liked? 

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