The 21 Unwritten Rules of Flying You’re Probably Breaking

This is a fantastic list published by Thrillist Travel, I tend to agree with the vast majority of these!  What are your thoughts? Their team compiled a list of the top transgressions, some obvious and some “morally ambiguous”. Thanks to reader Len P from Portland for sharing.  We were not able to publish the full 21, but check out their full list here and the first three below.

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  1. Ridiculous. No. 1 & 5 contradict each other. Don’t skip the line but also don’t be mad if someone else does?
    Fart only in F cabin? Clearly these rules made by poor people jealous of rich people, or an idiot who don’t understand you can get F by using points and miles.
    Don’t recline in economy? I paid my seat. It comes with reclining facility. Why shouldn’t I use it? Maybe the rules maker never experienced long haul redeye in economy.

    Adam, as member of boardingarea bloggers, have you read and understand the article or simply copy and paste?

  2. Oh number 2 is so wrong… I understand they have to put up with a lot of people from good to bad.

    But i get really angry when my bag gets pulled out for additional checks and there are 3 tsa guys standing around joking and talking to each other and one additonal one is checking the x-ray machine. the rest is just standing around doing nothing. They even see my bag get pulled out and still dont dare to move and if they move its like the slow motion moves in matrix. Unbelievable how slow a person can really move 😉

  3. Don’t recline in economy? Really? Try and stop me. And everyone else on the plane. Until they stop making economy seats that recline, I’m reclining. WTH, you want to take that away too?

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