DENIED: The US Curling Team Asked Delta for Upgrades…

This weekend, the US Men’s curling team made history at the 2018 Winter Olympics by earning the United States’ first gold medal ever in curling. It was huge upset to Sweden, which was poised to win gold.

After some much deserved celebration in Pyeongchang, the team is set to travel back to the States. It’s a long flight back from South Korea, and team’s official Twitter account tweeted to Delta yesterday asking (very nicely) for an upgrade…


I can’t imagine this is super serious attempt by the team, and I’m sure it’s all in good fun. But man, the men’s curling team sure hasn’t had it easy since (literally) seconds after they won. They were awarded the medals for the women’s curling team instead, and now NO upgrades on their flight back!?

Maybe they should be flown instead with United; after all, United is the official airline for Team USA…

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  1. Yeah, I’m sure planes are pretty empty returning FROM THE OLYMPICS.

    I agree with you that it was worth the ask (better justification than bday or anniv imho). But it’s disheartening to see the twitterverse criticizing DL on this response.

  2. I have the idea Delta would have also been criticized if they had upgraded them. Once it was requested “publicly” it was a no win proposition.

  3. It certainly couldn’t be that there is no available space on their flight? Must be a personal thing. This “article” is ridiculous and very reaching.

  4. John Shuster – skip of team USA tweeted out that someone switched and gave him their “first class” seat on his flight home.

    Also this tweet was sent from the curling federation – not from the actual team.

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