There is Now An App for…In-Flight Hookups

by Enoch

People find different ways to pass time when flying, ranging from a good book to in-flight movies, or even just a good ole snooze. Well, you can now also look for hookups or find a mate while you’re in the air. AirDates is a new app that is positioning itself as somewhat of an “in-flight Tinder.”

The AirDates app uses multi-peer connectivity, so you don’t need to have internet to find your…prospect. You can set your preferences and interests, and customize the “radius” of the area you are willing to search from. This means you can potentially find a prospect while on your way to the airport, at the terminal, or while taxiing. You can even be on a plane, and if by (probably very small) chance other passengers on the plane are also on the AirDates app, you can potentially get connected to them.

Set your preferences for a mate in the AirDates app. Photo from company's website.

Set your preferences for a mate in the AirDates app. Photo from company’s website.

I think it’s an interesting concept, though I have trouble understanding what kind of demographics they are hoping to appeal to, and if they are filling a specific niche. If you are looking for an actual in-flight hookup, do you just find somebody through the app, get up from your seat, and then say hi in the aisle? If you are actually looking for a date, is anyone really that impatient that they can’t wait until they have landed to go on Tinder?

To be fair, people scoffed at Tinder when it was first starting out, and I’m sure there are people out there who will enjoy using this app. The idea of in-flight dating might be weird to some (most?) people, the CEO of AirDates, Michael Richard, says that being in a plane is the actually “safest place to have a date.” He posits that since there are other people around, any potential dangers can be eliminated.

The app is still in beta, but is available on the iOS App Store.

Anyone looking to try out AirDates?

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