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Airline Change Fees Might — And Should — Go The Way of the Dodo

Change fees airlines

There have been a few headlines about the American Airlines CEO threatening to end flight changes and cancellations on non-refundable tickets. Disregard, there are much bigger forces at play. Congress is considering a cap that would limit fees that airlines can charge passengers to change tickets. This is significant in two ways. It would be…

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‘No-one Gives a F’: Cathay Pacific Misspells Own Name on 777

Cathay Pacific Paciic name error Boeing 777

This is embarrassing. Actually, quite embarrassing. Cathay Pacific just misspelled its own name, and not on some piece of in-flight literature. This typo is plastered on the side of a Boeing 777: “Cathay Paciic”. It’s not clear how or why this happened. Cathay fessed up to the error on its own Twitter account. Oops this…

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First 777X Rolls Out: Why This New Boeing Isn’t Going Anywhere

This 777X-9 rendering gives a glimpse at what this bird will look like in-air. Image by Boeing

Boeing rolled out the first fully assembled 777X aircraft at its factory in Everett, Washington this month. The latest and greatest from Boeing isn’t scheduled to be delivered to launch customers until early 2020. However, Boeing is in full-scale prep mode, and its first 777X off the line is almost fully functional—minus an engine and…

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A New (Unannounced) Flying Blue Partner

Air France – KLM Flying Blue, one of the most versatile and valuable frequent flyer programs for American Express, Chase Sapphire and Citi ThankYou credit card holders, appears to have added a new partner airline, while telling no one. Air Tahiti Nui is one of very few options to get to the French Polynesian Islands.…

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Bangkok Will Have A Contiguous Airport Train Before New York – Point Me Awake

European trains are extensive and easy to use, but each country has their own... Recently, we got a question about how easy it is to use Italian trains...

Point Me Awake is a morning jolt of travel and points infused news. Please, wake up. Thailand will soon have better airport and rail infrastructure than the United States’ largest city. Bangkok is Linking It’s Three Airports With A High-Speed Rail Line Meanwhile, in New York, this morning’s first Boston-bound Acela departure is still somewhere…

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Boeing Dreamliners Flee Hurricane Florence – Snakes in Carry-on: Point Me Awake

Dreamliners flee HUrrican Florence

Point Me Awake is a morning jolt of travel and points infused news. Hopefully you won’t have too many serpent-induced jitters after reading this one… A Flock Of Dreamliners Make A Great Migration Ahead of the impending hurricane situation, a flock of brand new Dreamliners all took off from Boeing’s Charleston, S.C. assembly plant and…

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