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Alaska to Remove Plastic Straws & Picks from Cups On-Board & Lounges – Swapped for Marine-Friendly Stir Sticks

Are you a green flyer? No, I’m not talking about the color of your skin or whether or not you celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day. I’m talking about Alaska Airlines new plan to ditch plastic straws in favor of marine-friendly stir sticks. Alaska Airlines wants us all to be stirred to action!  On Monday, the airline announced…

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LAX Installs “Tooshlights” – Smart Bathroom Stalls – No Peeking Through Cracks or Looking Under Partitions

American Airlines Terminal 4 is the first section of LAX to receive the new “smart restroom tooshlights“. “We’ve all been there. You’re in the restroom and someone shakes the door, peeks through the crack, or looks under the stall partition to see your feet,” said Allen Klevens, CEO and founder of Tooshlights, Fox KIDY reported.…

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Seattle’s New International Arrivals Facility Running $146M Over Budget & 5 Months Late

The new International Arrivals Facility at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is now estimated to come in at $830M, more than 21% higher than the original estimate of $684M. There’s more bad news too, the latest construction update has the project slated for completion in February 2020, five months behind schedule (so far). The Port of Seattle…

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