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Is United MileagePlus the Best FF Program or Worst. I’m Confused

Two days, two news releases. United MileagePlus is the worst frequent flyer program, United MileagePlus is the best frequent flyer program. Why do we even read anymore. We learned Tuesday that about half of frequent flyers surveyed by J.D. Power and Associates don’t know how to redeem rewards for free flights. The most difficult and…

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Fake Power Outlets At Airports: Hilarious (or Cruel?)

Fake Power Outlets for Airport

I have long found the supply and demand relationship involving airports and power outlets perplexing. Do so many people wake up every morning with dead phone batteries? Even at small regional airports, with no connecting or long-haul flights, I’ve seen people clamor over power outlets. In desperation, poor souls expose their posteriors directly to mysteriously…

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Berlin Airport: Sex Toy Confused As Grenade, Security Scare Ensues

Berlin Sex Toy Airport Evacuation Facepalm

Where else but Berlin. What else would cause an airport security evacuation? A sex toy, at Schönefeld Airport, but of course. Berlin’s second airport — the one formerly in the German Democratic Republic (East Berlin) — was shuttered for an hour Tuesday as airport security confused a woman’s vibrator for a hand grenade. Thank the journalists at…

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Video: British Woman Slaps Immigration Officer Over $4,000 Fine

Shocked woman slap immigration Indonesia British Tourist visa $4,000

Among travel hackers, frustrating, rage inducing experiences with immigration offers are nearly ubiquitous. Most don’t take things into their own hands quite the way this British tourist just did in Bali. Indignant at the £3,000 (roughly $4,000) fine she was charged for overstaying her tourist visa in Indonesia, Auj-E Taqaddas slapped the immigration officer, per…

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Stressed About Finances? Just Take Off Work and Travel

Can’t afford retirement? Take a year off and travel, instead. Young adults now include time off and travel among top financial priorities, according to market research. The lengthy sabbatical appears to be building steam, at least among those privileged enough to pull off months or even years globetrotting, per Skift. A Silicon Valley startup, Wealthfront, just…

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Delta SkyMiles Anomaly: Awards Cost Less From Boston–HUH!?!?

Boston Delta Frequent Flyers New York Angry SkyMiles

Delta’s SkyMiles program seems to be entwined in some sort of love affair with Boston Logan Airport (BOS). For the past few months, SkyMiles awards both international and domestic often price out far cheaper when originating in the Fair City, even when the connection takes you through a city on which the award might be…

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Now United: Is 2018 The Year of Masturbating On Airplanes? (Gross)

Last year, clogged airplane toilets strangely became a figment of popular news feeds. This year, pervy men wanking in economy class seem to be vying for the spot atop air travel nuisances. The epidemic’s latest victim, 26-year-old United passenger Genevieve Pascolla, has taken the airline’s flight attendants to task for, as she claims, joking and turning…

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