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Quick Hit: Korean Air New T2 First Class Lounge and ICN Terminal 2 Impressions

Greetings from Japan! I am fresh off my Korean Air first class itinerary from New York to Seoul to Tokyo, during which I was able to experience the newly opened Seoul Incheon Terminal 2 and Korean Air’s new first class lounge. While I’ll have a full trip report coming and despite the fact that I’m…

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Trip Report: Korean Air A380 First Class New York JFK-Seoul

As eager as I was to board our 14-hour noon-departing flight to Seoul, the Korean Air employee working the first class side of Korean’s JFK lounge insisted that we wait until the last minute, at which time she would escort us to the gate. At about 11:45AM she finally called us to begin the approximately…

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Trip Report – Korean Air First Class Lounge LAX – Maldives Trip Report Part 2

This is part two of a fifteen part trip report from my travels to the Maldives and Dubai. This report covers the Korean Air Lounge at LAX which Emirates is using while they build their own lounge. If you read part one, you know that we barely made it to LAX due to an oven…

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