From CNBC, the “Chinese authorities have issued instructions on how to be a “civilized” tourist, with an illustrated list of dos and don’ts to ensure tourists don’t give the country a bad name.”

Adam Wu from the Telegraph adds that “off the menu, for Chinese tourists, are strong-arming locals into taking their photograph, urinating or spitting in public pools, drying hanker-chiefs on lampshades and using fingers to excavate foreign bodies from noses and mouths. Nasal hair should be kept properly trimmed at all times, the National Tourism Administration suggests, while stainless steel cutlery, pillows and airplane life jackets should not be treated as take-away gifts. “If a dangerous situation arises then someone else will be left without a lifejacket,” the guidebook warns. In Spain, women should always wear earrings, while in Japan they must avoid fiddling with their hair at all costs.”

The list goes on and on, check out more country specific instructions here.

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Jon October 3, 2013 - 5:17 pm

Stealing an airplane life jacket? Wow that’s low

iv October 3, 2013 - 6:50 pm

They should have also listed not allowing children to urinate in the trash can at the shopping mall! This made headline news last month.

Stan October 3, 2013 - 11:59 pm

I made my first trip to China in 1977 and about 100 after that, I saw many things that you would never see in developed society, but on the other hand –The people were honest and I never had to fear anything or be on my guard, as you were a GUEST— not so sure we Americans can say we are so perfect.

In the N.Y. metropolitan area , many young “educated” “civilized” people get arrested for urinating in public ( after clubbing) , that is men and woman

Jorge E October 4, 2013 - 1:30 am

“pushy, loud, impolite, unruly”

Using budget airlines in Asia used to be fine, but now I try to avoid them because of the Chinese tourists. For me the biggest issue is the insanely loud volume in which they speak.

I live very close to a famous Bangkok tourist destination so I encounter Chinese tourist everyday.


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