“Naughty” Pilot Offers Drinks, Cigarettes, & More in Cockpit to Playmate on JFK-LHR Flight

by Adam

“The pilots locked the door and the captain said ‘Hi, I’m the naughty pilot’. “He said he lets sexy girls in the cockpit, even though he’s not supposed to, because he ‘made the rules’. “It all happened while we were sitting in business class about 30 minutes after take-off. The seatbelt signs had just gone off and a stewardess came and said the pilot wanted us to go to the cockpit.”

That’s the story being told by Chloe Khan (aka Chloe Mafia), a former Playboy model and webcam stripper. Khan was on a Kuwait Airways flight from JFK-LHR when the incident occurred. After refusing the flight attendant’s offer, the pilot came out to the cabin and personally invited Khan and her friend. They were supposedly in there for hours and filled the time singing Disney tunes, having drinks, and chatting.

There’s a video of course…you can clearly even see a cigarette (1:26 mark) in the pilot’s possession. No word from Kuwait Airways yet…


Chloe Instagram

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1 comment

Vicente July 27, 2015 - 10:19 am

This is the 4th time I’ve seen this story referenced. Only Gary Leff’s, seemed to notice the fishy elements:

1) Alcohol being served on Kuwait Airlines? It’s DRY!
2) Cockpit looks like an Airbus. That route is typically Boeing 777.

To be fair, attention whores will do anything to get their name splashed across the front page. So I should expect there’s a certain element of playing fast and loose with facts and details.


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