Cocaine on Ryanair? A Boeing 747 For a Birthday? – Point Me Awake

by John Harper

Point Me Awake is a morning jolt of travel and points infused news. It looks like some Ryanair passengers were already very much awake on their flight to Ibiza.

Lines In The Upper Atmosphere

I’m not talking about contrails. Vice reports on a Twitter video showing some very drunk blokes preparing to blow some white powder up their nose on Ryanair flight to Ibiza. A very weary-looking flight attendant brought some whiskey nips to take the edge off.

It’s 2018, and mankind is still busy discovering new ways to fly.

Birthday Boeing 747

A lot of people in Turkey right now struggle to afford food, but at least their outrageous autocratic leader has a great new toy, per the Stockholm Center for Freedom. The Qatari Royal family wanted to show its love for Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan — on his birthday — and delivered one of the nation’s two Boeing 747-8 VIP jets.

Supposedly the family was trying to get one off their hands. Now, Turkey’s government can use their rapidly evaporating wealth to splurge on airline quantities of jet fuel.

Turkey Qatar Boeing 747 birthday present

Recep’s cute new bedroom.

Turkey Qatar Boeing 747 Birthday Present President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

You know, those meals are still reheated.

Would JetBlue Even Want to Fly to Europe?

With Primera Air now selling New York-London tickets for $63, JetBlue may have to make up the difference by actually selling those tasty bags of blue potato chips. Lucky, at One Mile At A Time, figures that JetBlue may have to focus on providing a discount business class service if it wants to create any sort of niche on transatlantic routes.

Then again, perhaps there’s a market for a Boston to Krakow service.

JetBlue Mint to Europe

Mint to Europe would easily compete with just about every transatlantic business class currently available.

Basically, Basic Economy is the new “Saturday Night Stay”

Gary Leff, at View From The Wing, poignantly makes the case that airlines are using basic economy fares to court leisure travelers in the same way they used to Saturday night stay requirements, etc, while gouging the business clientele.

We’ve reported on $400+ up charges to this end before. Of course, airlines former price gouging techniques have since been banished.


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