Emirates’ New Ad with Jennifer Aniston is BRILLIANT

by Enoch

Emirates has been releasing a few teasers over the past couple of days, about an upcoming ad campaign. It started with a “Guess Who’s Back” video…

A day later, Emirates revealed the Jennifer Aniston is back for their ad campaign! And she found a new friend…

Today, Emirates revealed that the new friend is a kid named “Cooper.”

I think this is an absolutely brilliant ad. By going down the length of the plane, they effectively highlighted the features of all three cabins, and even the on-board shower and bar for premium cabin passengers. I think many kids also dreamed of being a pilot when they grow up, so the ad has some emotional appeal as well.

Emirates also posted some behind the scenes footage, and a dedicated new website to accompany the ad:

Jennifer Aniston previously did an ad for Emirates, which featured the onboard shower and bar on their A380 aircrafts. In the commercial, Aniston found herself on an airline where the best amenities available were peanuts and hot towels. She woke up from the nightmare, in an Emirates First Class bed, and proceeded to tell the bartender about the story.

I think Emirates does some genius marketing—they generate the “halo effect,” which Gary from View from the Wing has consistently talked about. By creating an image with over-the-top First Class services, and making it ultra-visible, they elevate the perception of the airline as a whole. But their cabins are not really all that over-the-top. For example, even their next generation Business Class product have a 2-3-2 configuration, where not everyone gets direct aisle access. Their Economy Class in 777s are configured with 10 seats a row, which is the highest density possible (even United still offers 9 seats a row in long-haul 777s!)

That’s not to say that Emirates is not a good airline, but their marketing definitely inflate their offerings a little bit. They provide a lot of amenities that other airlines don’t, and their in-flight service is solid. They offer amenity kits in Economy Class (though so does Delta), and their in-flight entertainment system is unbeatable.

I enjoyed flying Emirates First Class, and showering in 30,000 feet is still something I will never forget.

Emirates A380 First Class Seat

Emirates A380 First Class Seat

Emirates A380 First Class Seat

Emirates A380 First Class Seat

Still, kudos to Emirates on the new ad, which I am sure will bring them quite a few new passengers.

Jennifer Aniston stars in new ad for Emirates

Jennifer Aniston stars in new ad for Emirates

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Michael Fernandes October 5, 2016 - 9:47 am

How about putting some common people who form the bulk of your passengers in your ads

Roxanne Mawson October 5, 2016 - 12:39 pm

I think the staff in the ads are common people…


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