Trip Report & Review – EVA Air’s Hello Kitty Jet – Taipei-Hong Kong – Too Much Kitty?

by Enoch

Consider this the “bonus” edition to my recent Asia trip report series.

I was traveling around Asia with with my friend Emilee, but we took different flights for the majority of legs. From Taipei to Hong Kong, I took the Cathay Pacific flight, while she experienced EVA’s Hello Kitty jet.

Emilee had graciously agreed to take pictures and report back on what the flight was like, so here it goes…

EVA Air (BR) Flight 857
Taipei (TPE) – Hong Kong (HKG) |  Airbus A330-200
1810/1955  (1 hour 45 minutes)
Economy Class

So here it is, in all its glory.  It pulled in and everyone rushed to windows to take pictures, including me, because against my better judgement, I was tasked with documenting my travel experience and agreed to it.  Also we all know the unspoken rule #PicsOrItDidntHappen and no one was going to believe I was flying 36,000 ft. in an aircraft dedicated to a human/cat hybrid or whatever.  #FirstClassFurry  #JKJustEconomy  So yeah, this is real, people.


Boarding the aircraft I glanced at the man in the second row who had such pain in his eyes, “Turn back now. Save yourself.  I didn’t know.  How was I supposed to know!”


I arrived at my seat and was thinking, “Oh no, is it everywhere?  Not just on the outside?”  Oh how naïve I was.  I don’t particularly remember if the seats were comfortable or not, I just remember no one speaking English and I was abandoned by my best friend and was stuck on a Hello Kitty plane.


Staring at the in flight welcome screen in front of me, thinking “I’ve made a huge mistake.”


“Damn Enoch is somewhere and a string quartet is serenading him as he downs his third glass of Dom Pérignon.”


They also had this sick bag in the seat pocket, which was ironic because I WANTED TO VOMIT EVERYWHERE.


Although I was pretty disappointed by the safety instruction card, tbh. Come on, you can’t even animate how Hello Kitty is supposed to safely prepare for a water landing?  Illustrate her putting on her own mask before helping others? HOW ARE THE CHILDREN SUPPOSED TO LEARN?


I think I took this picture to not only highlight the sweet digs of Economy class, but to show the Hello Kitty pin…


The food was on fleek though, for real for real.  Although the meal was very rushed because it was, after all, an hour and a half flight.  The flight attendants legit handed out meals to everyone in the cabin and then immediately started collecting them once everyone had a tray.  The American in me was like, “Why bother?” but the kawaii-overloaded monster in me was like “I DESERVE THIS.”


Again, the commitment to the theme really was impressive.


Although this really was the final straw for me – some sort of edible Hello Kitty art, which I was afraid to actually eat because maybe it was consecrated and I was actually eating the body of Hello Kitty and I would become One with Her.


Also I tried to snap a pic of the little girl’s meal two seats down from me because it was adorable and clearly, this plane was just meant for her, but as soon as I took this, the mother gave me a dirty look.


Also there was this, which I used, because why the hell not. I went to the bathroom on this flight which I never do, but THAT’S HOW DEDICATED I WAS! Unfortunately, I forgot my phone but I can confirm there is Hello Kitty soap and toilet paper.


So…there you have it! Much thanks to Emilee for writing this trip report…and that’s a wrap for this trip report series—hope you enjoyed it!

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