Flight Attendant Reddit AMA – How to Join Mile High Club & Sex Adventures on the Road

by Adam

A flight attendant with SWISS who is based in Zurich and works both long and short-haul flights took to Reditt with a new AMA (Ask Me Anything). As one might expect, questions were as classy as possible 😉

How do you join the “Mile High Club”?

“Actually there is a perfect way to join the mile high club. If you fly with an A320P or an A321P there will be two lavatories in the back of the aircraft. These two lavatories are also wheelchair accessible. So you convert those two in to one by sliding the wall in between aside (very easy to do so from the inside and locked doors). So you two would go in to those lavatories at the same time, slide aside the wall and have fun. Don’t forget to lock the wall in place again when leaving.”

As you are traveling a lot, staying a lot in hotels without a partner, how do you manage your sexual life? Are you open in general for sexual adventures in hotels etc.?

“I am single at the moment. For my sexual life abroad I use Tinder. I like sexual adventures. I am totally up for it.”

Are you judging me when I order my fifth Jack Daniels?

“I don’t judge you. As far as your and our safety is not concerned you can drink as much as you want. But I may refuse to serve you alcohol if it does.”

Is it possible to clog the toilets?

“Technically it is possible. Flushing the toilet activates a suction mechanism which is really strong. If you are able to clog that you achieved something!”

Aren’t you sometimes afraid of traveling with all the terrorist attacks?

“I am not afraid of terrorists. I trust the security officers on the ground. The most thing I am worried about is turbulence whilst departing or landing.”

Check out the full list of asked and answered questions here.

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