Do you think you know flight attendant lingo? Can you define a pink eye, victory lap, or flip-flop? Flight attendants seem to have their own secret language, but how much of it have you picked up with all that frequent flying? Thanks to Mark from Yahoo for sharing with our readers! Check out three examples below and the entire list here.

Pink Eye

No, I’m not breaking out my medical kit to cure your conjunctivitis. If a red eye is a long overnight flight, a pink eye is any flight just short of that. For the purposes of the airlines, a red eye is a flight that touches the 1 a.m. hour, so a flight that goes into midnight, but narrowly escapes the next hour could be defined as a pink eye.

Victory Lap

After a three- or four-day trip flying to several different cities, flight attendants will often get stuck flying back to their base airport but still be required to do a quick turn to a city close to home before finishing. Sometimes called a “turn and burn” because there is no time to clean, rearrange, or refuel the aircraft due to the short timeframe.


If your flight attendant seems cranky, a flip-flop could be the culprit. And no, it doesn’t involve the beach vacation. The term refers to a flight attendant’s schedule when she flies one red eye arriving in the early-morning hours, has the day on layover to sleep, and then must report for the first flight out the following morning around 5 or 6 a.m. It is the equivalent of forcing a night owl into a morning person’s schedule overnight.


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