Kids Online? Learn About the World & Travel With These 6 Educational Video Series

by Shelli Stein

With schools closed, millions of children are spending their time online, surfing an internet ocean of junk food video content. How do we know what’s really educational? Check out these 6 great educational video series for kids that will not only delight your kids, but teach them about science, history, and the world.

In fact, you might even expand your own brain while sharing some fun family moments!

educational video series

Six Great Educational Video Series For Kids

Bill Nye the Science Guy
I have a good friend who shares Bill’s same last name. People often ask if she’s related… sadly, she is not! But as a teacher, she does like how clearly and with such a wonderful sense of humor Bill explains complicated concepts.

National Geographic
Is there anyone who doesn’t have a stack of old National Geographic magazines laying around the house? Take a look and you’ll quickly notice how this icon of exploration now offers a wonderful smorgasbord of topics for kids of all ages. Barbie and Ken even help explore the world!

Peekaboo Kids
These short animated videos explain science concepts in a way that anyone can understand. Even me!

Horrible Histories
Love that British humor! Check out these hilarious renditions of “horrible” events in history. I found the Monarchs Song particularly funny.

Liberty’s Kids
This animated series is a clever way to teach about the American Revolution. Two teenage reporters cover Revolutionary War events for Ben Franklin’s paper, The Philadelphia Gazette.

World Ahoy
Chips Ahoy cookies and milk, or in my case coffee, go well with World Ahoy, another great animated video series that covers world history and natural science topics.

Final Thoughts

Surely all the time kids and adults are spending online doesn’t have to have an educational component. But why not some of the time? Finding engaging, high quality content to occupy at least some of your kids’ online screen time may take some effort. But knowing these 6 great educational videos for kids is an easy win for everyone in the family. If I missed any of the educational videos your kids are enjoying, let’s add to this list!

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