What Really Happened on AA Flight w/ Mother & Stroller Incident from Actual Passenger – Same Flight Attendant Rude to Another Mother

by Adam

Another mother who was on that AA flight almost two weeks ago (# 591 from San Francisco to Dallas), has come forward with her story.  She is claiming that the same flight attendant also released his anger on her after she witnessed and confronted him about the incident.

He brushed past me and without thinking I confronted him, saying something like, “What are you doing? You almost hit that baby in the head! I don’t know what I expected. That he would snap out of it and apologize? I think I was too shocked to consider what might come next, because it is so far outside our cultural norm to be careless with a baby’s safety. However different we may be individually, we have that in common: We protect babies, children and the infirm.Whatever I expected, it’s not what I got. Instead, the crew member turned his fury on me. “Stay out of this!” he yelled angrily. “Just stay out of it.”

What the passenger says is even more crazy is that she told other crew members about what she experienced and they generally ignored her and told her to get to her seat. Her daughter who had also witnessed the incident was scared to be on the plane with the violent man.

My daughter, who is 8, was terrified to spend the flight to Dallas stuck on plane with a man who had just been violently angry with two moms, including her own. We talked about how scary it is to stand up to a bully, and how much scarier it would be if no one did.

Check out her full recounting of stroller-gate here.


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Captain Kirk May 3, 2017 - 1:29 pm

There is a percentage of flight attendants who don’t realize they are customer service agents that just happen to work a plane. They are supposed to understand how to deal with the public, how to deescalate a situation, how to be helpful to stressed passengers, etc. Instead a small percentage think they somehow can treat people like crap. Guess what? You can’t. These clowns need to be fired. There is no place for these grumpy (and to children “scary”) clowns in the skies. They need to work at the DMV where they belong.

Ken May 3, 2017 - 6:31 pm

There’s a serious, well-documented problem with service and safety in the airline industry.

But eyewitness accounts generally are incredibly fallible. Eyewitness accounts by individuals who “come forward” long after the media has built up a narrative, long after the witness him/herself has had a chance to build up the narrative, should usually be disregarded entirely.

Mike May 7, 2017 - 5:46 am

Partial video tapes never tell the whole story. Maybe the complaint should be investigated befor we make a final decision on what really happened. All I could see from the video was a male passenger coming to the aid of a crying woman, or was he ? It also looked like he was trying to be a tough guy sticking his nose in where it did not belong. Maybe he should of sat back and just be a good witness. I’m not blaming anyone, just saying from the parts of the video we saw
It was difficult to tell what exactly happened. Let the complaint go forward and be investigated completely.


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