Survey Reveals Surprising Sex on a Plane Stats – 30% w/ Stranger, 18% w/ Crew, 37% Partner, 747 Bathroom Most Popular Location

by Adam

Here are some findings from a research project you don’t see every day – mile high stats of 11,179 people surveyed across the globe by matchmaking site Saucy Dates. Unsurprisingly, 78% of survey respondents were interested in joining the club while 17%  said they were not. About 40% of those surveyed who have had sex on a plane said they shared the experience with their partner, 30% with a stranger, 18% with a crew member, and 15% with a friend. Where did these rendezvous occur – 59% bathroom, 31% in their seats, 9% galley, and 1% in the cockpit. Time of day was 68% for night flights and 32% for day flights.

Sex on a plane
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Type of plane

We wanted to determine if more sex occurred on larger planes with two isles vs. smaller, single isle planes. There are many more single isle planes in active service than larger variants. Our results have not been weighted for fleet size (just incase you were thinking that).

Without weighting, double isle planes are more popular, at 55% vs 45% for single isle. From a recent Boeing commercial aircraft outlook report the world market has x3 single isle VS double isle, making double isle planes the clear choice for most passengers. If you want to get down to the model of choice it’s a Boeing 747, with not much separating the Boeing 777/787 and Airbus A380 for second place.


The story from Saucy Dates has countless quotes and stories…here are a few of the more interesting ones…

I overheard the stewardess talking to her friend, telling him that she hadn’t had any sex and she broke up with her boyfriend and it had been a long time,’ a 39-year-old man said. I hit on her for a while and she finally asked me if we wanted to go in the bathroom and have sex. She told me there was no time for foreplay.

A 24-year-old woman who claimed to have sex with a stranger said: ‘It was huge fun. I did it with the guy who was sat in the seat next to me. We had been chatting for a while and he just asked. We both carefully made our way to the bathroom, lucky the plane was dark as it was a night flight.


We asked our respondents to name the airline that they had sex on. These are raw counts and don’t take into account fleet size, age of company and other factors. About 8 million people fly every day from all over the world and our survey is only a very small subsection. Additionally our users are predominately from the USA and UK. Therefore these results are purely related to our survey respondents claims and not indicative of the behaviour of passengers who use a particular airline. You can see some of the airlines are no longer in operation for some time, this suggests that people who have sex on plane may only do it once with the aim of ‘crossing it off the list’.

Time of day

We ask participants if they had sex during the day or night to understand if it was easier when the majority of passengers were asleep. Night flights were the most popular at 68% and day flights scored 32%. Interestingly, a higher percentage of people were caught having sex on night flights. Could it be more obvious when many of the other passengers are sleeping and the aircraft is much quieter?

How long did it last?

Hard and fast or slow and passionate? We ran a recent survey on how long does sex last so we know that the international average around the 16 minute mark. But as you can image, sex on a plane is much quicker. The majority of people had sex that lasted 10 minutes.

Getting caught!

What happens if you get caught? Statistically speaking, most people don’t. 86% get away with it and 14% are caught in the act. Of that 14% some are discovered by fellow passages, others by staff.


5% of people have and 78% would like to, that’s 83% of passengers on a plane with the thought of joining the mile high club. Combine that with a boring long haul flight and free drinks (on some flights) it’s not surprising that it happens. It also doesn’t seem to matter if you’re single. In fact, being single is an advantage as strangers, staff and friends are all potential club members.

You won’t find any laminated versions of our sex on plane safety card in the seat pocket on your next flight, nor will it form part of the safety briefing. However, it may make you look differently at the people you’re sharing your journey with now you know some of their stories.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight!

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747always April 9, 2018 - 12:12 am

I highly doubt the validity of these data. The website doesnt even know when to use aisle or isle. Whos to say any of this is true


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