The Ultimate Gift for the Germaphobic Traveler in Your Life

by Bill Shuman

Being in a room with 30 nine-year-old children all day means that I walk around with a bottle of Lysol and hand sanitizer. A study done by Dr. Charles Gerba, or “Dr. Germ” as he is commonly known shows that, “Surfaces regularly used by teachers had ten times more bacteria per square inch when compared to other professions.” Despite the preventative Lysol and hand sanitizer I’ve still contracted the flu twice along with a smattering of colds. That means for teachers, walking onto a plane, however germy, might as well be walking into a sterile environment compared to their classrooms.

In recent news, the airlines have taken bad raps for being unclean and dirty. When stories like Delta Airlines recently making a Diamond member sit in feces is published it doesn’t do anything to sway public perception that planes are dirty and germy. One company, Seat Sitters, has taken it upon themselves to help even the most germaphobic passengers plane fly without anxiety.

What is it?

Reduce your chance of getting sick while flying with the Seat Sitter Kit.

The Seat Sitter kit includes an eco-friendly seat cover, wipes for the tray table and armrests, a tray table placemat and a face mask. On a mission to make airplane travel cleaner & healthier, entrepreneur Gina Hoensheid created this kit out of necessity. She didn’t want one more vacation ruined from the kiddos or

her husband getting sick from the airplane travel. Seat Sitters has become a nationwide phenomenon.

The adult kit currently has a 4.6/5 star rating on and sells for $14.99. Not only has the company covered adults, but smaller travelers as well with their complete kit for kids! The kids kit includes crayons, hand sanitizer, and nut-free stickers. Those people wanting to avoid getting sick on their honeymoons could even splurge and get the Mr. and Mrs. editions.

Let everyone know you don’t want to get sick on your honeymoon with the Wedding Kit!

Too Much?

My family and I have flown 18,000 miles on Southwest in the last two years and thousands of miles on other carriers. I can say in that time that I’ve never seen a Seat Sitter so calling them a “nationwide phenomenon” might be a bit of a stretch. With that said I appreciate the ingenuity to solve a problem when traveling. However, the thought of lots of people using these makes me cringe. Can you image the extra time during boarding and deplaning while everyone puts on/takes off covers on their seats and tray tables? On upside though is that by using that mask on carriers like Southwest, you might get that perfectly located seat to yourself. 


There is even a Seat Sitter kit made specifically for the germiest passengers!

Final Thoughts

My wife hates getting caught up on the laundry when she comes home from trips. Adding another load of laundry, of just seat covers, could tip the scales to her not wanting to travel anymore. Therefore, for my family I think this product has to go in the pass column. However, I might just end up buying one as a stocking stuffer for my Mom who wipes everything down before sitting on a plane. Would you ever think about using a Seat Sitter?

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