The Nicest Alitalia Lounge? T1 Dolce Vita Rome FCO – Flight Simulator & Eataly!

by Adam

I think this is probably one of the nicest Alitalia lounges system-wide and definitely the nicest in Rome. Ironically, if you’re flying directly back to the US on Alitalia, American, Delta, United, or US, your lounge is the Alitalia Giotto Lounge in T3 which is nothing to write home about. See – Alitalia Giotto Lounge in T3.

However, on this trip I was flying from Rome (FCO) to Newark (EWR) via Paris (CDG) on Air France & Delta. I therefore was in T1 at FCO instead of the usual T3, and wow the Dolce Vita lounge is way nicer in terms of food, comfort, modernness, amenities, and activities.

This is the fifth part of an eight part trip report from my travels to Rome and Siracusa, Sicily:

The lounge is located prior to the security checkpoint, but that doesn’t mean additional stress due to there being a dedicated check-in area within the lounge (7 agents available during my visit – see second picture below) as well as a separate and empty SkyPriority security checkpoint right outside the lounge. T1 only has Schengen flights so you don’t have to worry about passport control either.

Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome03 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome23

Seating – Multiple seating areas both to the left and right of the check-in area with comfy leather couches, at the bar or in the bar area, along the wall, and hidden behind the check-in area (completely empty with views out to the tarmac, tablets, and electrical plugs).

Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome05 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome06 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome08 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome15  Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome24 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome25 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome26 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome27 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome22 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome32 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome31 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome30

Food  Alitalia and Eataly (great NYC and Rome locations) are pleased to introduce you to the excellence of Italian food. This was pretty cool not only was the food catered by Eataly, but every food and drink item had a corresponding number which could be referenced on a menu or via signs at the bar listing a description, the ingredients, and history for each.  There was also a full coffee and beer Eataly menu.

Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome14 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome38 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome39

Gourmet breakfast (the sign is an edible piece of chocolate):

Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome40 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome41

Items you can choose on your own with signage…

Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome33 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome34 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome35 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome36

Premium drinks…

Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome37 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome11 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome12 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome13 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome07 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome09 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome10

Unique Activities – OK, this is awesome…there’s a flight simulator and instructor in the lounge! Besides the two trainers there was no one else even taking advantage of this perk, so I spent a good 30 minutes “in-flight”. While the instructors were not pilots, they were trained by actual Alitalia pilots. I had a great time with my take-offs and landings as well as the landing prep in terms of adjusting speed, descent levels, flaps, etc.

Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome16 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome17 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome18 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome19 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome42 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome43

Then there’s the Alitalia store with a small “throwback section”:

Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome21 Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome20

Alitalia T1 Lounge FCO Rome29

Overall, it was by far my best lounge experience in Rome (that would have been Italy too had I not recently visited the new Emirates lounge in Milan…trip report coming soon). Those flying directly to the US can access the lounge but you’ll need a ton of extra time. There’s no air-side connection to T3 / T5 so you’ll need to exit the terminal (not a huge deal since you haven’t passed security) but you’ll then need to walk or take ground transportation to T3 / T5 and then clear security and passport control.

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No Fly Zone January 9, 2014 - 10:18 am

That does look like a nice lounge! It seems a shame that it is available only to intra-European flyers (Schengen) in most cases. Time permitting, I’d lounge at T1 and then dash to T3 if possible. I’ve ween two lounges in T3, although 5-6 years ago, and they would not make the top 50 cut by any standards. Good report, and thanks.

Sniperetn May 18, 2014 - 5:54 pm

They are sking for 30 EURO’s for adults. Do you know what is included in this price. i am a transit customer for 6 hours. Is there a max # of hours allowed to stay?Thanks

Carlo July 10, 2014 - 7:33 pm

I’m from Rome and I have used Fiumicino Airport many times. There is an airside connection between T1 and T3, but the check-in facilities of Alitalia’s non-Schenghen flights are located in landside part of T3.
You can go through security checkpoint of T1 only if you have already checked-in.

Carlo July 10, 2014 - 7:37 pm

As Italian I like to see foreign people write nice things about Alitalia
Very good report

Roman August 31, 2014 - 8:44 am

Based on the wonderful description, I decided yesterday to stop in this lounge. The physical outlook is the same, but food is more limited in options than what the pictures show. It seemed altogether close to (or weaker than) other international lounges: one type of slice meat, one type of bread, two types of pre-packaged yoghurts, one type of cake, one type of dry cookies, and one plate of very standard pastry with various (fruit) marmolades.

Adam August 31, 2014 - 11:56 am

@Roman – Thanks for the update on the T1 Dolce Vita Lounge. Hopefully, this was just the case yesterday and not a reflection on a larger change within the lounge.

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Stargold UA May 23, 2016 - 11:55 am

do you happen to recall if this lounge had showers. Could this be used as an arrival lounge since it is airside?


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