TSA Using New Screening Tech To Make Airport Security Faster

by Miles Jackson

Even as a frequent flyer, I still dread security lines at the airport. I’m all for innovative ways to speed up security so I can either arrive to the airport later, or go to the lounge earlier. Florida airports are now being used as a test bed for some unique ways to make airport security faster.

The Popularity and Rise Of TSA PreCheck

Even TSA PreCheck does not always offer quick relief. First, PreCheck lines are not always open during non-busy hours as determined by the TSA. And often, I find myself waiting behind a person who is unfamiliar with the policies about liquids, shoes, belts, etc.

With the popularity of credit cards that include PreCheck, membership has increased overall.

These credit cards include Global Entry and TSA PreCheck reimbursement, among other benefits:

PreCheck lines in Miami International Airport are also notoriously long so that’s why I’m particularly excited about these new projects the TSA is working on…

TSA Has New Screening Technology At MIA

In recent months, the TSA in Miami have rather quietly rolled out new security measures that promise to cut down the time passengers spend in line by as much as 50%. Yes, please.

It is all a part of new technology that allows screening officers to get more information from your driver’s license or passport. With the new screening technology, officers will know what flights you are taking –without a boarding pass.

David Pekoske, who is the head of the Transportation Security Administration said that this is all part of an effort to make airport security faster.

Miami International Airport is one of the first airports to obtain new machine readers that will be at security checkpoint. We have identified Miami as an innovation airport, which means as we bring in new technology on and we want to test it in the live environment, we bring it down to Miami.

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No More Removing Items from Carry-Ons?

Additionally, new CAT scan devices — similar to ones in the medical world — are coming soon to screen your carry-on luggage. This will eliminate the need to remove your laptops and tablets, even without PreCheck. The process allows passengers to pass through security queues rapidly.

The TSA also plans to install new perimeter camera systems to monitor activity beyond the airport’s immediate fence line. Airline spotters and aviation geeks, be advised. Those of you lurking around the fence lines for those awesome landing and take-off photos may be caught on camera by the TSA.

New TSA cameras will monitor airport perimeters

Florida Airports First to Get New Systems

Initially, the new scanners will be installed at Miami International Airport (MIA) one checkpoint at a time. It will eventually be followed with installs at Fort Lauderdale International (FLL).

What do you think about the TSA’s use of technology to make airport security faster?



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