Your Dog Pooped on the Denver Airport Floor. The Internet is After You.

by John Harper

There’s a video circulating showing a woman chatting merrily on her cellphone as her dog dispatches a trail of excrement on the floor — of DENVER INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT.

Rather than stop to clean up the smelly poo or call for assistance, the subject turns, phone to ear, and flips off a passerby who remarked, “Hey, your dog just sh** all over the carpet”.

“That’s nice.”

Thus, a modern western bandit hunt has commenced to seek out and shame this traveling citizen.


Social media users have been circulating the photos and video of the incident asking “Who Is This”.

The public outrage over the DIA floor toilet speaks to growing tensions over the presence of dogs in passenger terminals and cabins.

While announcing a tightening of policies over service animals onboard, Delta named defecation and urination among growing problems associated with the animals. American and United both followed up by imposing harsher restrictions, as well.

If this woman’s dog received any training as a support animal, it wasn’t apparent in Denver.

More broadly, dog owners left-behind feces have caused problems elsewhere. A baseball park in Denver was padlocked this month after lazy dog walkers left one field a stinking mess.

Shame. Shame.

(h/t Daily Mail)

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J June 30, 2018 - 11:59 am

Even outside of the airports, I see way too many dog owners and dog walkers not picking up after their dogs take a dump. It’s gotten so bad in my community that the management office made a new rule that if someone is caught not picking up their dog’s poo then they will be fined $100 for each offense.

Mark June 30, 2018 - 12:14 pm

This was a PET IN CABIN which she had to pay for as evidenced by the brightly colored yellow tag hanging from the bag. Not a service animal or ESA. Hence zero training.

The irony is the pet relief area was two gates away. She just didn’t bother to go there.


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