American Eagle – Forget Flying, We’ll Do Ground Handling – Rejects Contract

American Airlines Group said today that they will begin looking for other regional carriers to operate the newly purchased regional jets from Embraer after American Eagle pilot union leaders rejected a proposed labor contract.

American will “immediately” begin seeking another regional partner to fly 60 new 76-seat regional jets from Embraer SA (ERJ) that it had committed to Eagle if the contract were approved, Pedro Fabregas, the unit’s president, told employees in a letter today. Some smaller planes will be retired, he said.

Fadregas added that he has “no reason to believe American will offer us new large regional jet flying after these unsuccessful negotiations.” He later said that American Eagle Airlines has a strong ground handling business and was not planning to shut down.

Check out the full article from Bloomberg here.

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AE new Livery


  1. So the American Eagle union pilots can sit around the unemployment line with the old Twinkie / Cupcake (International Bakery) workers. Smart.

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