Hotel Review & Room Guide: Park Hyatt Bangkok, Thailand

by Shelli

The words Park Hyatt conjure up images of interesting architecture and design, beauty, elegance, history, and uniqueness. Though Bangkok, Thailand has abundant hotel choices, when it comes to my preferred choice, Hyatt only has two properties there that I wanted to sample: a Grand Hyatt and a recently opened Park Hyatt Bangkok.

Being a huge Park Hyatt fan girl, and having already sampled and thoroughly enjoyed eight other Park Hyatt properties, I was excited about this Park Hyatt visit and writing a Park Hyatt Bangkok review. It’s a new property and had only been open a year at the time of my stay. The Park Hyatt Bangkok calls itself a “tranquil retreat oasis above bustling Bangkok” and I found it to be just that.

Park Hyatt Bangkok

Proof that it really is the Park Hyatt Bangkok!

Park Hyatt Bangkok

Entrance to the hotel is unassuming and easy to miss.

Upon check-in I had a funny first interaction with the front desk staff. As you might expect, they thought I was coming in from the airport, so they inquired about my flight and trip in from the airport. I laughed and told them my three-minute taxi ride from the Grand Hyatt Bangkok was as easy and pleasant as could be! They thought it was quite unusual that I’d split my time in Bangkok between two different Hyatt properties. I think my travel patterns are normal, so it’s always fun to have someone comment on how quirky they are.

Park Hyatt Bangkok

View from the Park Hyatt lobby. Serene sculpture keeping the hectic Bangkok energy at bay.

Upon check-in, due to my Globalist status I was offered a suite. They mentioned that the room I’d been assigned was a King Corner room and was quite lovely. After looking at both rooms, I went with a King instead of a suite. I preferred the look and location of the room and wanted to leave the suite for someone who might need the space a suite provides. The King Corner room was an extremely comfortable space and worked really well for me. Let’s dig into the particulars.

How I Paid For My Stay

For my four night stay I used my Citi Prestige Credit Card 4th Night Free benefit. The all-cash rate at the Park Hyatt was $280 a night, so I found this rate worked better than using Hyatt award night points. Whenever I pay cash for a hotel stay, I never forget to let Pruvo monitor my rate for price drops!

The Park Hyatt Bangkok is a World of Hyatt Category 5 property, meaning free nights start at 20,000 Hyatt points per night. Cash and points are 10,000 Hyatt points plus $122 USD.

Using my Hotel Room Scorecard I broke down the individual elements of my King Corner room at the Park Hyatt Bangkok, which scored a 34 of 40 points.

Location (3/5)

The Park Hyatt is located in what’s called the Central Embassy area. It may seem a bit removed from the action and not as centrally located as the Grand Hyatt Erawan. It was, however, an easy walk back using the skywalk to the central Erawan area. The hotel also has easy access to the BTS (Skytrain) and skywalk toward the Siam area for malls such as Paragon. EmQuartier, another popular mall, is only three BTS stops away.

Park Hyatt Bangkok

View of the hotel as it connects to the walkway. Depending on where you’re heading, this will be one of your routes.

Lighting (5/5)

The natural light in the room, due to its wrap-around corner location was excellent. The room’s almost floor to ceiling windows in this beautiful half-circle room provided stunning views and the best lighting possible. There are two levels of curtains which makes great sense for these rooms. The sheer curtains are for privacy and then a full curtain for blackout.

I do prefer the blackout curtains that go up and down versus closing the way curtains usually close from side to side. Up and down I can still leave some natural light versus closing curtains the old fashioned way, sideways.

At nighttime the lighting in the room was more than enough with light bulbs that were actually bright. It’s becoming one of my pet peeves when the lights in hotel rooms barely give off enough light for working or reading.

Park Hyatt Bangkok

View so you can see the TV set-up in relation to the rest of the corner king room.

Window Access (5/5)

I was disappointed that the windows did not open but understand especially with brand new hotels, that’s rarely going to be the case. This room had AMAZING sweeping views of the city and surrounding areas.

Park Hyatt Bangkok

Caught a Bangkok view on a sunny day.

Park Hyatt Bangkok

Traffic can get intense in Bangkok, though the hotel rooms are well insulated from any street noise.

Park Hyatt Bangkok

Street traffic on the weekends is much less.

Park Hyatt Bangkok

Urban view of older and newer buildings as Bangkok continues to grow.

Bed Comfort (4/5)

The bed was less hard than many other hotels I’ve stayed at, which for me who complains about almost every hotel bed I sleep in, says a lot. I was expecting, given the hotel was almost brand new, that the beds would be super hard, so maybe the bed being better than what I expected influenced my judgement. I did sleep well.

Park Hyatt Bangkok

Close-up view of bed and chair/ottoman.

Park Hyatt Bangkok

Beautiful bedroom area.

Bathroom (4/5)

The design of this corner room meant a long hallway with the toilet on one side and sinks/tub/shower on the other side. I liked this separation as it seemed both practical for usage and a good use of square footage. There is an overhead shower and also a shower off the wall. Good choices. The design is very modern with plenty of hooks and a bathroom scale! One of my pet peeves is lack of towel hooks, but I was glad to see more than enough hooks for towels.

Park Hyatt Bangkok

Double sinks, double mirrors, and lots of lighting in the bathroom.

Park Hyatt Bangkok

Nice large tub.

Interior Appointments and Furnishings (5/5)

The seating area included one swivel chair with an ottoman. Given the size of the room, this worked well because there wasn’t really enough room for a couch. I’m partial to an ottoman so I never quite understand why so many hotel rooms will give you a chair and then no ottoman when clearly there is the space for one.

The placement of both the bed and the swivel chair maximized being able to enjoy the natural light and the views. There is one square table with two chairs. So effectively there is seating for one person and then a table with two chairs. As I mentioned I did see a suite and it had couches/chairs/ and a big long table. The suite bedroom was rather small with not much space beyond the bed.

This King Corner room meant sweeping views facing east and from the high floor I felt like I towered over the city. There are wood floors with two area rugs, one in the hall and one under the bed. My favorite color for a hotel room is light brown/beige, which was the color scheme for this room. The only artwork is a photo of the Grand Palace. Because everyone’s taste in artwork can vary so much, I like quiet walls.

This room scored an A++ for having lots of wood both as flooring and in cabinetry and room design. There was actually wood throughout the whole hotel, so I liked the general modern design and the color scheme of light browns and beiges used throughout the Park Hyatt.

Park Hyatt Bangkok

As you enter the room, a long hallway entrance into a beautiful Corner King room.

Park Hyatt Bangkok

Close-up view of the flooring and carpet in the hallway. Simple, and well-suited to my taste.

Park Hyatt Bangkok

Photo on the wall of Bangkok Palaces.

Park Hyatt Bangkok

View of the table/workspace and down the hallway.

Electronics (5/5)

Plugs and outlets were plentiful and well-placed throughout the king room. There were outlets near the beds and universal plugs and USB charging ports at the desk. All the buttons to control lights, temperature, and window curtains were super easy to decipher and use. Sometimes the tech and controls in a room, especially a brand new room such as this one, can make you feel like you’re in the cockpit of an airplane and be so confusing, so I appreciated the forethought in keeping this high-tech room simple to use.

Park Hyatt Bangkok

Bedside room controls well marked and easy to use.

Snack and Minibar (3/5)

The snack area, though a small surface, was sufficient for me. Again, this is not a suite, so it seemed typical space-wise for a room of this category. There is a cabinet with a Nespresso machine and a bit of counter space for food or fruit. I was given lots of bottled water!!

Park Hyatt Bangkok

Nespresso and tea choices.

Park Hyatt Bangkok

Mini-bar surface area setup. Small but sufficient.

Hotel Service

There were a few misses at the Park Hyatt in terms of service and also a few outstanding examples of great service. Let’s start with the misses.

As a Globalist I have a profile with Hyatt that each hotel refers to when I stay at their property. I didn’t feel like the Park Hyatt read my profile. I’ll give you two examples of why I think this is so. Firstly, my welcome note was addressed to Mr. Stein and signed by the general manager. This mistake has not happened at other Hyatt properties. I did email the GM and subsequently both he and his Guest Relations Manager sought me out and came to apologize and speak with me. That mistake actually created the space for two great conversations about Hyatt, the challenges of opening a new property, and travel around Asia and Europe.

The other miss was with my welcome amenity. My welcome amenity, though pretty, was sweets, which I didn’t care for at all. I’d say 99% of the time I’m given fruit, which is what I prefer.

Park Hyatt Bangkok

Somehow the guest relations team missed that I prefer fruit as my amenity, especially in Asia!

Park Hyatt Bangkok

My welcome amenity. Pretty, but unfortunately not to my liking.

Then there were many examples of great service of the type to be expected at a Park Hyatt property. I had an issue with my Citi Prestige card working and the front desk staff proactively helped me contact Citi to get it all cleared up. This was no small feat as it required a bunch of calls both to Citi and to my home to assure everyone I was OK because Citi kept calling me at home.

The path from the hotel both to the BTS line and the skywalk back towards Erawan is complicated. It involves working your way through hallways, a mall, and even through stores. A staff member took it upon himself to show me how to navigate all of this, which meant his leaving the hotel and taking me to the BTS entrance and showing me how to get a ticket. For the skywalk, he insisted on walking with me to the mall entrance so he could point me in the direction of the walkway. Even with my excellent sense of direction, I appreciated all this effort and his ensuring I knew where I was going.

Park Hyatt Bangkok

This gives you an idea of what the above ground walkways are like in this part of Bangkok.

Upon my departure, which was at 3:30 AM, there was a brown bag breakfast waiting for me at the front desk and they even prepared a cappuccino for me to take-away. Thoughtful and much appreciated. Exactly the special service you’d expect from a Park Hyatt property.

Globalist Amenity and Breakfast

Globalists at the Park Hyatt Bangkok are given complimentary happy hour vouchers for the bar. You could choose from a small offering of appetizers, none of which were all that good. I did enjoy the fries, though.

For breakfast you enjoy the buffet. I’d rate breakfast OK but for me not a stand-out. The fresh fruit juices are a nice touch, but both the Pad Thai and Wonton Soup were nothing special. One thing I thought was odd was that there were no take-away coffee cups. I often like to take my coffee after my meal and sometimes prefer to take it back to my room.

I did use the pool and the jacuzzi inside the gym. The gym and jacuzzi/spa area were totally empty, so I had them all to myself.

The Upshot

I’m not certain if I’d choose the Park Hyatt again when in Bangkok, though I am glad I stayed there and wrote my Park Hyatt Bangkok review to share with you. I did love the room and didn’t mind the location at all. The staff was super helpful and the service was fine. I think they have ironed out many of the kinks every new hotel encounters when they open.

Given both the other Hyatt hotel options in Bangkok, as well as the other hotels available to me, I’d likely opt for another choice. Hopefully my Park Hyatt Bangkok review helps you know whether this hotel is one you’d enjoy staying at.  However, as promised, it did provide a tranquil retreat from a bustling Bangkok, and for that I’m happy!

Shelli Stein is a health and fitness entrepreneur who travels the world in search of culture, food, and fun! Besides contributing to PointMeToThePlane, you can find her at Joy in Movement.

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SongPop T September 21, 2020 - 8:34 am

Dear pointme team,

I have followed you via this thread

As I’m a newbie to be a hotel traveller,

I would like to know that using CITI 4th night privilege, I have understanded that CITI use agency (, in Thailand)

My question is that could we get the benefit from a hotel member, or not?

As I remembered, CITI uses their account to book the hotel that why I’m not sure on hotel benefit (collecting night, point and complimentary from elite benefit).

Thank you and Best Regards,

Songpop T

Shelli September 21, 2020 - 8:45 am

Thank you for reading our review, Songpop. The Park Hyatt Bangkok is indeed a beautiful hotel choice. You ask a good question. There are two answers. Officially, many of the hotel member benefits do not come with booking the hotel using a third party booking site such as However, sometimes it has been the case that the hotel properties DO extend member benefits even when the reservation was booked using a third party site. I suggest you reach out to the Park Hyatt Bangkok directly. Their customer service is excellent. Introduce yourself and talk with them about your concerns and see what they have to say. The hotel staff is really your best and most direct way to have your question answered. Hope it works in your favor. Enjoy your stay, and thanks so much for reading our review.


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