U.S. Airlines Collected More Fees Than Ryanair Last Year

U.S. airlines more fees than Ryanair

Ryanair, the European discount carrier often cited as the world’s most-loathed by customers, has built its entire business out of charging airline passengers for just about every damn thing. But get this, the four big U.S. airlines are now beating Ryanair at its own game. American, Delta, Southwest and United Airlines all collected incometotal fee…

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Fighter Jets, Safaris and More: The Wildest Uses For Points and Miles

Cathay Pacific First Class? Boring. Flying the Etihad Apartment? Pedestrian. Try pulling 5 Gs in a fighter jet, or staring down a lioness on an African safari… on points and miles. Beyond flights, credit card rewards points and miles are increasingly redeemable for experiences and travel expenses far beyond their conventional and original intended purposes…

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Captive Environment: Airplanes Are Becoming Experiential Marketing Pods

A soaring collab between Allbirds and Air New Zealand. Image by Air New Zealand

In marketing, the power of a captive audience is incredibly valuable. Distractions on-the-ground abound, and capturing shorter attention spans are becoming increasingly difficult. Having a product next to, or on, a potential customer who has no choice but to sit in a seat for hours is a golden opportunity. The Five Senses Onboard Let’s break…

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Airline Change Fees Might — And Should — Go The Way of the Dodo

Change fees airlines

There have been a few headlines about the American Airlines CEO threatening to end flight changes and cancellations on non-refundable tickets. Disregard, there are much bigger forces at play. Congress is considering a cap that would limit fees that airlines can charge passengers to change tickets. This is significant in two ways. It would be…

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Bye-bye Boarding Pass: Delta Will Offer Curb-to-Gate Facial Recognition

This is the future. Starting later this year, your face will be all you need to catch an international flight at Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport. Delta Air Lines sent out a news release Thursday about end-to-end biometric facial recognition that will allow passengers to access all parts of the airport, and board flights, using just their face.…

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Trip Report: The ‘Nosebleed Seats’ On American’s 737 MAX

Last row on the 737 MAX. Image by Chris Dong

Every airline blog has covered American Airlines’ tortured new Boeing 737 ad nauseam. The tiny lavatories have been mocked from major news outlets to late night talk shows. The prevailing narrative: American’s newest 737s, the “MAX 8”, are about as customer friendly as a DMV office. Are these brand new airplanes really so bad? I…

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‘No-one Gives a F’: Cathay Pacific Misspells Own Name on 777

Cathay Pacific Paciic name error Boeing 777

This is embarrassing. Actually, quite embarrassing. Cathay Pacific just misspelled its own name, and not on some piece of in-flight literature. This typo is plastered on the side of a Boeing 777: “Cathay Paciic”. It’s not clear how or why this happened. Cathay fessed up to the error on its own Twitter account. Oops this…

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