Top 10 Liveries of 2014 According to TheDesignAir

What are this year’s top ten airline liveries? TheDesignAir judge panel has once again voted for their favorites, with each livery receiving a rating out of 100. According to the site,  “this year some familiar faces return, and some get booted out of the top 10, and there are even a few new arrivals. Why do the lists change each year? It’s down to how well brands age, how current design trends effect our visual aesthetic and how well the livery is perceived by our changing judging panel.” Below are their top six choices, refer to this link to check out the remainder of the list, see details as to why each livery qualified, and for the 2013 winners. See any of your favorites missing?

6. Air Tahiti Nui
5. Starflyer
4. Air Inuit
3. O’hana by Hawaiian
2. Fiji Airways
1. Hawaiian Airways



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