30 Second Check — Did Your Barclays 10K Anniversary Bonus Transfer To Your Red Aviator Card?

For those with the old US Airways MasterCard that offered the awesome anniversary bonus, there has been some confusion as to whether or not this perk transferred to the new Red Aviator card. FlyerTalk member nall discovered a quick and easy way to confirm that your bonus transferred to the your new Red Aviator card. To check, simply log in and click the view rewards tab then click the how my rewards work tab. If yours shows “Earn 10,000 AAdvantage anniversary miles in your first card membership year after payment of the annual fee” your benefits transferred properly and you will recieve your bonus. blog H/T Flyertalk member nall



  1. Thanks! Mine has different language. This would be the 2nd time it would hit as it was opened in 2013. So would this indicate 10k bonus mile will continue for every year?

    “Earn 10,000 AAdvantage® annual anniversary miles after payment of the annual fee.

    Earn 10,000 AAdvantage® annual anniversary miles after payment of the annual fee. Now you can use your bonus miles toward any US Airways or American Airlines flight booked through aa.com or American Airlines Reservations”

    • Yep, there are two different types of anniversary bonuses. One is after the first year only. The other type is every year. Out of my family’s 4 cards, 3 get the bonus every year and 1 gets it only after the first year.

  2. Funny, few days ago I reverted back to Barclays and asked them when my anniv bonus will post and they said the feature was removed effective Dec 2014. Are people still receiving the bonus on some accounts?

    • Had a hard time finding the “tab” too.

      Here’s how to get to it:

      1. Click on the third box on the right hand side (the one with the gift box icon)
      2. Click on the “How my rewards work” link under the green <- account summary button

  3. I think the worst thing about the merger is the elimination of the 2 $99 companion tickets every anniversary. Used them all the time.

  4. Both my wife’s card and mine had this language a month ago in the online account (I have the screenshot). However, both are due for renewal within the next 2-4 months and that language is now removed….Its not looking good.

  5. Issue resolved…Weird, must have been a Chrome issue. Used Safari and it displayed properly.. Hopefully the 10k anniversary bonus will be here to stay…

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