Americans Traveled Abroad More in September 2015 Than Ever Before!

Thanks to a stronger U.S. dollar, Americans are traveling abroad, and doing so are a rate higher than ever before.  The Commerce Department reported on Friday that travel outside the United States rose 1.4% in September 2015 to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $101.19 billion. That’s a 14.7% gain over the last 12 months, and the first time the rate has gone above $100 billion.  Despite these increases, foreigners were more likely to visit the U.S. than Americans were to visit other countries.  Foreign travel in the U.S. was at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $151.77 billion in September 2015.


Historically, CBS Marketwatch reported that in 2014, Mexico and Canada received the largest share of traffic, at 37% and 18%, respectively. By region, Europe accounted for 17% of U.S. travel, the Caribbean represented 10.5% and Asia took in 7%.

Does the stronger U.S. dollar encourage you to travel more abroad?

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