Delta Airlines’ Favorite NFL Team Is…

You would imagine that if Delta had to have a favorite NFL team, it may be the Atlanta Falcons, or perhaps the Detroit Lions.  After all, Delta should love teams in one of their biggest hub cities, right?  Well, if that’s what you thought, then their recent social media efforts may indicate otherwise.  In what has been called a public relations gaffe, Delta Airlines has tweeted out their support for the Seattle Seahawks.  Yes, that’s right: Seattle, home of their eighth hub city, and most certainly not nearly their busiest!


As the Seattle Seahawks are playing the Minnesota Vikings in their Wild Card game this weekend, fans of the Minnesota Vikings (and home to Delta’s third busiest hub airport: MSP) did not take this news well:


Unfortunately, Delta’s customer support team was not of much help in providing a solution for offended Vikings fans:


Of course, Delta’s competitors took this as an ideal opportunity to poke a little fun at the airline, with American Airlines chiming in their support for the Vikings:



  1. Delta is in a hotly contested battle for the Seattle market. No doubt they did this as part of their battle with Alaska Airlines which is obviously pro Seattle. Don’t forget to wear your Russell Wilson jersey for boarding on AA flights:) I say this in jest, who knows why Delta would back Seattle.

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