Delta Flight Diverted After Passengers Become Nauseous & Drowsy Due to Carbon Monoxide

Delta flight 1817 from Atlanta (ATL) to Denver (DEN) was diverted to Tulsa, Oklahoma (TUL) yesterday after multiple passengers reported feeling ill with symptoms of nausea and drowsiness. According to the Tulsa Fire Department, many of the passengers who became sick had elevated levels of carbon monoxide. Once passengers were out of the aircraft and able to breathe fresh air, their levels returned to normal. Flight 1817 was operated by an MD-90 with 152 total passengers.

“We couldn’t tell if it was coming from the operation of the airplane,” Tulsa Fire Department spokesman Stan May said. “It could have been something brought on the plane. It could have been something brought into the cargo area that had leaked.”

Delta says that technicians continue to evaluate the plane out of an “abundance of caution”.


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