British Airways to Begin Charging for Throwaway Tickets?

Is British Airways about to start billing for skipped legs? According to Head for Points, if a traveler ditches the final leg of their trip, BA will cancel the remaining segments (expected) but could also send out a bill for the price difference. Apparently, the harsher hidden-city ticketing policy is due to extremely cheap BA fares from Germany to Hong Kong. Obviously, and as Head for Points mentions, if you were to receive a bill and refused to pay, BA would need to pursue legal action in order to receive payment. As with most airlines, skipping legs is clearly not for anyone with a frequent flier account…

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  1. Charging for skipped legs is just sound business practice for BA. After all, BA still has to incur fuel costs to carry the food you didn’t eat and the drinks you didn’t drink on the segment you didn’t fly.

  2. Other than legal action I’m not sure how they would make you pay? Even then you could use the ‘ol “I was sick” or “missed the connection” or “I was kidnapped” excuse. How do they know?

  3. Hidden city tickets on a r/t ticket always have the return cancelled is the final outbound segment isn’t flown, so not sure what BA’s talking about. If the complaint is based on the cheaper fares from European cities via LHR, wouldn’t it be the first segment that is not flown by the customer who’d be based in the UK…which is why they’d fly on such a ticket?

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