“Very Fat (and cute) Dog” Sits in First Class on American Airlines Flight from LAX-DEN

In a Twitter post that’s going viral, a gigantic and very cute dog, referred to by user Madeleine as the “fattest dog ever”, was given a first class seat on an American Airlines flight from LAX to Denver last night. I’ve reached out for a copy of the video and future details…updates to come.

AA Fat Dog

AA Fat Dog Tweet 1 AA Fat Dog Tweet 2

UPDATE Mashable has found out more about the situation:

Mashable has learned that the dog’s name is Hank and he belongs to Kari Whitman, an interior designer who founded Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue in Beverly Hills, California. Hank is Whitman’s support animal and, due to an illness, can only move with the aid of a cart, which explains his weight. We hope Hank enjoys many more relaxing flights in first class.

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  1. emotional support animals are not service animals — unless this dog is a seeing eye dog or otherwise performing services in aiding the disabled, he should not be allowed to sit in a seat. Nowadays everybody can print an “emotional support animal” letter from the internet. I don’t doubt though that there are actually people who need them, but there needs to be some system to check on this stuff (as there is for seeing-eye dogs for example).

  2. These dogs are everywhere now. It’s somewhat similar to the aerobic individuals with their ADA disabled parking passes. Some people believe they are entitled to be different than the rest of us.

  3. @Henry: LOL good one 🙂
    @Rob: your info isn’t correct, you can’t just print off a form. You need a doctor’s report and prescription.
    @Augers: sounds like sour grapes, get over it.

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