Boeing to Potentially Stretch 777 to Kill A380

Boeing is contemplating stretching its 777 to create a jet that would compete and “knock-out” the A380 according to Bloomberg. Boeing has apparently spoken with Emirates and other manufacturers about the 777-10X which would carry up to 450 passengers, the A380 can seat between 489-517.

“We are always evaluating technologies, airplane configurations and market needs,” Boeing spokesman Doug Alder reportedly said. “While no decisions have been made, we will continue to study 777X derivatives and seek customer input to develop products that provide the most value for customers.”

Boeing previously pitched Emirates a 747-8 as an A380 replacement but was unsuccessful.


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  1. This is so unlikely I am willing to call it a bogus rumor.
    Adding more weight increases the weight per wheel which has been a 777 issue before.
    Adding more weight necesitates stronger engines which add weight to wings that already need to be heavier and larger.
    At some point there is safety in mor ethat 2 engines. Engines do not get simpler nor better as they get larger.
    Ultimately it can be done with a lot of engineering, something I scoff at because Boeing rightfully predicted a limited, money losing market building 380 class aircraft.

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