New York to San Francisco in 2 Hours 20 Minutes & London 3 Hours, Coming Soon? Award Pricing for Concorde

Supersonic air transportation is set for a return, almost fourteen years after the Concorde was officially grounded. Boom Technology, an aviation technology startup, has created a three engine jet that’s equipped to carry 55 passengers and travel at 2x the speed of sound.

Unfortunately, overland supersonic regulations will prevent Boom from initially offering New York to California flights, but the start-up is hopeful that once they prove how quiet the operation is, they’ll be able to sell 2 hour and 20 minute NYC – San Francisco / LAX flights. In the meantime, the plan calls for a 3 hour flight to London from New York at a cost of $5K, compared to the Concorde’s $15K price.

Boom revealed its design for the XB-1 demonstrator jet last November, and is working with Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic to build and test the prototype in 2017. They aim to begin flying commercial air passengers in the early 2020s.

A flight on the Concorde was one of the most luxurious award redemptions available at the time.  How many miles/points did it cost? It was very program dependent! Did you know that you were able to redeem AA, Continental, Delta, US, and SPG points and miles among other foreign award currencies for a free award trip on the Concorde? As all seats were considered First, the rates weren’t that bad…especially with the SPG Qantas trick –

125,000 AAdvantage Miles
100,000 SPG Points 
200,000 OnePass Miles
160,000 SkyMiles
125,000 US Airways Miles
200,000 Membership Rewards Points

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  1. Save the weight and wiring for all those displays, people can bring their own nowadays.
    Just have a decent wifi connection, although flight short enough can live without that too.

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