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Is United MileagePlus the Best FF Program or Worst. I’m Confused

Two days, two news releases. United MileagePlus is the worst frequent flyer program, United MileagePlus is the best frequent flyer program. Why do we even read anymore. We learned Tuesday that about half of frequent flyers surveyed by J.D. Power and Associates don’t know how to redeem rewards for free flights. The most difficult and…

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Forget Points, These Credit Cards Include Actual Free Tickets

British Airways Club World Travel Together Credit Card Free Ticket Business Class Companion

Taking advantage of credit card opportunities for valuable points can be very rewarding in travel terms. Collecting 100,000 or 200,000 points through programs like American Express Membership Rewards or Chase Ultimate Rewards can supply fuel for extravagant business class and hotel suite journeys. The points rewards game can be complicated and tiresome, though, particularly as…

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Now United: Is 2018 The Year of Masturbating On Airplanes? (Gross)

Last year, clogged airplane toilets strangely became a figment of popular news feeds. This year, pervy men wanking in economy class seem to be vying for the spot atop air travel nuisances. The epidemic’s latest victim, 26-year-old United passenger Genevieve Pascolla, has taken the airline’s flight attendants to task for, as she claims, joking and turning…

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Call Fuel Surcharges What They Are: Fares — Editorial

British Airways' World Traveller (Economy) Cabin onboard the Boeing 777-300ER. Source: British Airways

Airlines are increasingly charging frequent flyers to redeem earned miles for flights. The additional charges go by many names, including fuel surcharges, but under many measures they appear to function just like cash fares. In ancient times, airlines gave their frequent flyers completely free tickets. For every certain number of miles flown, travelers got a…

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