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“Aviation Watchdog” Audits Are No Cause for Concern

Federal Aviation Administration Audit of Southwest Airlines

“Aviation Watchdog” to Audit FAA Oversight of Southwest Airlines The Office of Inspector General for the US Department of Transportation said Wednesday it will audit the FAA’s safety oversight of Southwest Airlines. The announcement comes two months after a Southwest flight suffered an engine failure, resulting in the first passenger fatality in the US since…

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Earn 150, 200, or 500 Southwest Rapid Rewards Points for Every Coffee Purchase

Ahh a throwback promo to the days of collecting miles off of supermarket items! Community Coffee Company and Southwest Airlines have teamed up for this summer promo where customers can earn 150, 200 or 500 Southwest Rapid Rewards bonus points with the purchase of specially-marked packages of Community Signature Blend Dark Roast and Breakfast Blend…

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Major Outrage for Southwest Airlines After Airline Kicks Father & Toddler off Flight – Video Clearly Puts Blame on Airline, Update w/ WN Statement

For me, this is another example of a flight attendant overreacting and then claiming safety reasons for their bad behavior. The incident occurred aboard Southwest flight 1683 from Chicago to Atlanta.  The toddler became scared just prior to takeoff and hopped into her father’s lap as she was crying. The father is told by a…

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Skymiles Is a Wasteland, Yet I’m Still Stuck With Delta. Stockholm Syndrome?

Stockholm Syndrome is a condition observed among hostages who develop an affinity and loyalty to their captors, even when held at gunpoint. I started studying the symptoms in light of a few recently heartbreaking perusals through Delta Skymiles availability calendars. Delta Skymiles isn’t exactly a wasteland, but it’s getting there. Like any frequent flier program, there…

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TIP: It Is Possible To Recover Points & Miles When Award Prices Fall

In many cases, costly change fees make it impractical to try to renegotiate points and miles award prices. There are some cases, however when it is possible to earn back miles if prices fall after you book. Take Southwest Airlines, for instance. I recently recovered over 2,000 valuable Rapid Rewards miles by looking out for…

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JetBlue Tanks, Finishes Dead Last In WSJ Performance Rankings. But really???

JetBlue, long the darling of airline customer service rankings, dropped from fourth to dead last in the Wall Street Journal’s annual airline performance ranking for 2017. Delta Air Lines moved from second in the 2016 rankings to overtake Alaska Airlines in take the top spot in 2017. The poor ranking is influenced by the New…

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Passengers Hilariously Ask How to Opt out of New “In-Flight Live Concert Amenity”

Southwest announced earlier this week that the airline’s newest entertainment amenity will be in-flight live concerts. The airline is set to expand its pop-up Live at 35 in-air concerts to a full lineup thanks to an agreement with Warner Music Nashville. Perhaps the most popular aspect of the agreement is the continuation of the Live…

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