Amelia Earhart: Latest News On This Hawaii Adventurer

by Shelli Stein

Recently I read a biography of Amelia Earhart that focused on her life and mysterious disappearance. Still, after all these years, stories keep popping up about her life and disappearance. People call Amelia Earhart Hawaii Adventurer because she was not only an aviation pioneer, but she left her mark on Hawaii as well. Hawaii and the islands played a large role in her legacy.

There is new forensic evidence possibly related to Amelia Earhart.

Recently experts deciphered text found on an aluminum panel which some believe was part of her fated aircraft. This led to hoping for answers to the nearly century-old question of what actually happened to Amelia Earhart and her navigator, Fred Noonan, after they left Honolulu and made a brief stop in New Guinea.

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The panel actually washed up over thirty years ago on Nikumaroro Island, a remote island about halfway between Hawaii and Australia. It is still unclear if the panel can be attributed to Earhart or instead it was part of a plane that crashed during WWII.

Three years after Earhart’s disappearance human bone fragments were found on Nikumaroro Island. This did not lead to finding Amelia’s remains, though.

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Still, people believe she may have been on the Nikumaroro Island. Distress calls from a radio that may have been on her aircraft were believed to come from the island.

Learn more here about the new forensic evidence!

amelia earhart hawaii

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Hawaii figured early and throughout Earhart’s fame.

Hawaii was her launch pad for many of her adventures. In 1935, Earhart made a solo flight from Honolulu to Oakland. That was the first-ever female piloted transpacific flight and made her an instant aviation and travel icon.

Earhart was a frequent Hawaii visitor.  Hawaii was a major way-point used by Earhart during her flights.

She was a friend to Hawaii aviators. Earhart developed close relationships with Hawaii aviators, including Harry Brown, with whom she stayed frequently when in Honolulu. Brown was an Army Air Corps second lieutenant at Wheeler Field Oahu during the December 7, 1941 attack and a renowned aviator.

Consider her record-breaking Hawaii flights. In 1935, Earhart aimed to complete the first solo flight from Hawaii to the US mainland, flying a Lockheed Vega. The plane was specially enabled for long over-water flights.

Hawaii was the last place on earth Earhart spent time. She and navigator Fred Noonan departed Luke Field, Honolulu, in 1937. She was never heard from again after a brief stop in New Guinea.

Earhart left a Hawaiian legacy that even today remains strong.  Her memory is honored both in places that honor her in Hawaii as well as in the fields of aviation and the empowerment of women. Her spirit lives on in the islands.

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Amelia Earhart’s fate is forever linked to Hawaii!

In 1937, Earhart attempted to circumnavigate the globe. That trip returned her to Hawaii. Her intention was to fly to Howland Island. It was on that flight that she disappeared from sight, creating what is still considered among the greatest unsolved aviation mysteries.

Honolulu’s Pacific Aviation Museum at Pearl Harbor has dedicated an exhibit in honor of Amelia Earhart Hawaii and her historic travels.

If you’ve ever walked around Diamond Head Crater and could take your eyes off the stunning blue ocean, you may have noticed at Diamond Head is the Amelia Earhart Lookout. This is yet another tribute to her legacy. A time capsule is believed to be inside a marker there.

Amelia Earhart Hawaii conspiracy theories are still going strong.

These range from her being killed in the plane’s crash or after the plane crashed killed by powerful coconut crabs or cannibals.

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One theory has Amelia being a castaway. Other theories speculate her returning to the USA using another identity, or being captured. The plane may also have run out of fuel, or gone far off-course with her life ending elsewhere in the Pacific.

Final Thoughts On Amelia Earhart Hawaii

No matter what you speculate, after reading her biography, I came to see her disappearance as a huge sad loss not just for the world of aviation but for the world at large.

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charliie June 1, 2024 - 11:11 am

There’s a whole other Amelia senario, where she crashed.
Martin Daly of Beran Island led an expedition to Mili about 5 years ago. The found some parts matching the same model plane. The Japanese owned Micronesia at the time and the US knew WW2 was coming. The speculation is she was on a US mission to map and photograph Japanese installations.


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